It’s story after story strung together like pearls spanning over 17 months that led my family to the second Kidchella concert at Smith Memorial Playground.

The stories themselves are worth a listen, but I’ll keep it high-level for the sake of time.

Follow me on this trail:

Am I crazy for driving from North Carolina to Pennsylvania for a kid’s music concert? Yes, crazy in-love with my kid. And really, it’s that love – and a passion for engagement in our development as a family – that fuels my “insane” moments. And so often they lead to the best of times and memories – so really, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here’s how it went down:

We drove from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to attend the second night of Kidchella at the Smith Memorial Playground. In fact, we left on our very short (and supremely epic) roadtrip the same day as the concert with the specific purpose of hearing Shine and the Moonbeams perform live.


Because my son fell in love with the group’s song, “Do You Ever Stop?” If you’ve never heard it, you should look it up right now – and jam out. Supporting my son’s love of music and feeding his growing love of adventure is just a couple of things I love about being a mom.

Much thanks to Jeff Bogle from OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast for including their track in his October 2015 set, and for consistently promoting great family music.

It was such a delight to – after a long day in the car – enjoy such a lovely, kid-friendly space. The Smith Memorial Playground is a dynamic adventure-land with different options for body movement and creative engagement. We established home base by throwing a blanket on the ground, and then, I let him roam the grounds to the soundtrack of modern, kid’s music – which is treat for listeners of any age. Seriously.

CONFESSION: I listen to OWTK when the kid isn’t around. I’ve also got some of the artists featured on the podcast in my Music Library. And yes, when work days are long and arduous, I could very well be jammin’ out to Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Mista Cookie Jar and The Pop-Ups.

August 19th brings the third night in this summer’s concert series – and you should definitely consider attending. Even if you have to drive for a bit to get there. It’s worth the investment of time and energy – not to mention, a great night out with the family!

If we hadn’t just started school this week, we’d be there again without a doubt! And I won’t lie – I totally thought about skipping out on school and work to make it happen. But I’ve really got to keep my insanity to reasonable limits.

I look forward to hearing about a 2017 concert series and hope to have an occasion to return to, relax at and enjoy the Smith Memorial Playground.