I’m downstairs watching TV (not realizing that my show isn’t even scheduled to come on tonight), when all the sudden I hear yelling. The ex is passionately shouting about something and I can hear him – from downstairs over the TV’s volume – as clear as a bell.

I’ll be honest. My first response was…why is he yelling at me? And then I heard someone else respond. Oh, he’s playing online.

I turned off the TV, realizing that my show isn’t scheduled to air again until Feb 12th (according abc.com). And I hear him yell again. I mean, it was loud. He was hot..and the response was just as loud and just as hot. But now, I’m worried about the kid. If I can hear them this plainly, I am sure that the kid (who is right next door) could possibly be having his sleep disturbed. And, if the ex is playing, I am the one who’s going to have to deal with a grumpy, woken-up kid.

I fly up the stairs, continuing to overhear the heated discussion, pop my head into his room, give him an evil eye and say, “I’m gonna close your door.”

I check by the kid’s door and am relieved to hear him snoring
(he’s inherited his mother’s sleeping style).

I head downstairs, doubly disgruntled: no TV tonight and a loud ex.
Just great!


I wish he was that energized and passionate about real life. Don’t get me wrong. I love gaming. I’m more of an old-school game lover, but I understand the  thrill of video games of all kinds and am a big supporter. But, I’ve also learned to balance my love of gaming with getting real-life stuff done.

If he gave real-life even half the interest and passion as he does gaming, things would be a lot different around here.