First of all, I would like to thank Nelson Technology Partners, a major sponsor of the Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County, for tickets to attend January’s Working Women’s Wednesday (WWW) event. I appreciate the kind gesture and really had a wonderful time participating this month. My experience – and encouragement for others to attend – is below without bias.

Every month, the Women’s Resource Center of Alamance County in North Carolina hosts an event called Working Women’s Wednesday. It’s an opportunity to bring women in the local area together for quality programming and networking opportunities.

I’ve wanted to attend this event for…ah…a long time. It’s just never jumped from the “Would Like To Do” list to the “To Do” list – for a myriad of reasons. Mostly time and bandwidth. (You know how that is…)

So I was delighted when the opportunity opened up, and thankful I had the opportunity to invite my mom (a mobile massage therapist in Alamance County) to attend with me.

Typically, WWW is held at the Alamance Country Club, but because of current renovations, the organization has moved the event to The Village at Brookwood in their Gathering Place Room. It was my first time there, and truly a lovely (and useful) space. The event kicks off with networking and lunch, and then transitions to announcements and programming.

They opened the WWW series for 2017 with local columnist and gardening expert, Rett Davis. He is a weekly contributor to the Times News Saturday Edition, and readers can submit all kinds of gardening questions for him to review and answer. He also works with the New Leaf Society, which is a private, non-profit organization focused on beautification and community partnerships in the heart of central North Carolina.

Mr. Davis was a delight. So funny. I’ve never read his column, and the attendees sitting at my table warned me to expect some humor, but I’ll admit, he took me off guard. He kept the genuine chuckles rolling out of me for the first portion of his talk as he told story after story, experiences he lived through as community members reached out to him for answers about all things outdoors.

His talk transitioned to his work with New Leaf Society, an organization I didn’t really know about, but as he explained, I realized I’ve seen evidence of their work around the county. They’ve just received approval from the Burlington City Council to start development at one of my favorite childhood parks!

Shortly after moving to North Carolina, I found Willowbrook park and spent many days playing, dreaming – even splashing. I’ve taken my child back to play, and celebrated the birthdays of my friend’s children there. It’s so exciting to see plans for positive change and evolution for the area, and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

Keep your eyes on the WRC Alamance website for more information about upcoming programming for Working Women’s Wednesday. There’s a lot of opportunity to be engaged and connected, to grow and develop, to share and volunteer – and you’re not going to want to miss out!