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North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Heads to Wilmington

Lifestyle blogger…

Is that really the category that I fit under?

Not sure.

I do blog about my life…

So, I suppose it’s close enough.

Has a better ring than “blogger who writes about many things that impact her life.”

I think we can at least agree on that point.

But I digress…

The real point of this page is to tell you that I’m pursuing an exciting professional opportunity in the Wilmington area. Super, super exciting – and I am excited!

(Can you tell that I’m excited?!)
(And yes, I just rolled my eyes at myself…)

Blogging (creative digital content development) and business (social media marketing and content strategy) are who I am, and what I’ve done with my life since 2008. And for the most part, I’ve been in Central North Carolina the whole time.

But this new opportunity will require a relocation…
…to a place in NC that’s close to my heart (for many reasons).

And, I’m looking for…

Oh, let’s call it the “perfect spot to land” for the next 3 to 6 months.

I’d like to get the lay of the land before committing to a long(er) term lease.

This relocation will affect more than just me – I’ve got a kid and a cat in tow – and I want the best school options for him while keeping me as close to the new office as possible…and enough peace to spare for the sweet little kitty we rescued in May.

Am I asking for the world?
Yea. I am.
(I realize that.)

But if I don’t ask…it’s sure to be a no.

And if I do ask…then maybe the right opportunity will come to light.

Here’s where you come in.

Any chance you’ve got space for me (and a kid and a cat) that you can offer?

A loft?
An in-laws suite?
A bonus space above the garage?
A beach rental that you won’t be using until 2019?

I’d love to hear about it and talk through what a possible short-term lease might look like at your abode.

And, I’m assuming you might want to “get to know me better” before taking the time to reach out.

I get that…

Check out the links below.

You can click on the icon or the blurb headings. You’ll be redirected to different social media platforms that will give you a better sense of me, who I am, what I care about, pieces to the puzzle to help you understand what kind of person I am.


Video is a great way to “meet” someone, or at least…get a sense of who they are and how they communicate. I have several videos available on my blog’s Facebook Page that you can review.


I’ve been in the digital business space since 2009. You can review what I’ve had my hands in and what kind of engagement I’ve taken on in the past by reviewing my LinkedIn Profile. Let’s connect!


Do you love Instagram? I can’t help myself…I get stuck scrolling because (usually) all the pictures are so pretty. Take a look at my profile. These days, I (loosely) tell a story about what I’m up to 3 pictures at a time.

FB Profile

My most active social media platform is Facebook. Hands down. My Profile offers a really comprehensive look-see into my character and personality. Most of my posts are Public, so you can see a lot.

And, of course, search the blog! Right? There’s a wealth of knowledge right here.

I pray.
I write love letters.
I talk about business.

It’s a little bit of everything…kinda like I said at the top…I write about many things that impact my life.

And we’re back to the ask…any chance you’d be open to hosting me and my little family for a short-term lease?

If so, I’d love to hear from you!

You can use the Contact Form below or (if you prefer to call/text) use my Google Voice number to connect: (336) 539-1905.

And, if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this page, made it past all my words of background and foundation-laying, past my ask…and you’re still here…THANK YOU.

Even if you don’t have a space available, if you don’t fill out the form or get in touch, and just find yourself chuckling at “this crazy blogger,” my work here is done.

With light+love.

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