It was our first time together since the funeral.

(And not that we were alone. We celebrated the holiday with others.)

But still, we were together.

It could be why I made each of the guys a cake.

Why I polished off a pint (and then some) of whiskey.

Why I plopped on the couch with the three of them, my guys, and snuggled to my heart’s content.

How do you make the most of each minute with the people you love?

It’s a fair question.

Especially these days with as many memes as we see about making each moment count and loving those we care about before they’re gone. After all, there may not be a tomorrow…

But, really…

…there may not be a tomorrow.

So how are you showing love today?

I lost a friend at the turn of the new year.

I haven’t talked about this on the blog yet. This is the first time. Though, I have mentioned it on my Facebook Profile (post 1, post 2, post 3).

He knew what we had. How special it was. We rolled our eyes when he’d get all sappy; when he’d tag us in ooey-gooey posts.

I’ll tell you what…that stupid Fast and Furious 7 – Ending Scene video…well, it certainly means more now.

And, dammit. I hate that it means more now. It should have meant more then. I should have LOVED IT and commented every single damn time he posted it. Because now, I can’t. I mean….I could, but the point is, he’s not on the other side of the screen to get the positive feedback. I should have been sending positive feedback the whole time.


Friendship is a treasure.
Friends that are family…well, those individuals are like hitting the jackpot.

And, if you’ve got a group of that…friends that are family…framily…WHY ARE YOU NOT LEANING INTO IT for all that you’re worth?

It’s the biggest damn jackpot, that really, on this side of loss, I’m holding onto for dear life.

I’m trying to be worthy of…

So, I will make the cakes. I will text. I will call. I will visit. I will snuggle.

Because, I want to show love today…

…while there’s still time.