There’s been a lot going on…
…and I am always surprised by how much people don’t know about me.

I’m kind of a social network whore…but, be that as it may, it doesn’t mean that anyone else is. So even though I post tons of updates, you may not be getting a whole picture.

This is Part 2 in explaining all the tiny bits that are making up my current big picture.


Jenny – The Professional (Part Two)

In Part 1 I told you that I now own a company: jab’s plethora

The company was set up so that I can self publish from a strong platform. I don’t want to take the time to convince major publishers that any of my ideas are good ones (at least not at this point). That takes a lot of time and energy; and I would much rather focus on the list of projects that I’d like to see come to fruition (I’ve got a bunch of them). So, that’s what I’m doing. If big-momma-publisher sees me doing my thing and wants to pick me up, that’d be lovely. But, I’m not going to hold my breath.

I have a lot of content already written that just needs to be edited and formatted into books 😀

The first project I decided to tackle was the Love Letters series and at this point I have both Book 1 and Book 2 published and available for purchase.

BY THE WAY — I have a Facebook page (and would appreciate your “like”) and am currently working on the website. I hope to have an initial site ready for launch sometime before the end of this month. (But for other reasons, not yet discussed, that’s gonna be a stretch.)


BOOK 1 – Love Letters, Volume 1: Moving On, Growing Up

Based on the real-life journey of a woman who wanted to grab every opportunity to express love and appreciation for the people who added value to her life: family, friends, lovers…no one is excluded. This collection of love letters helps us realize that many different people help shape the course of our life; and we should treasure every person, every moment that brings us to this exact spot within our development. Face your love!

The Love Letters collection has inspired the Love and Appreciation movement, encouraging each person to acknowledge the special people in their lives by writing their own love letter. It isn’t hard and doesn’t require eloquence, only sincerity. Be a part of the online community:

BOOK 2 – Love Letters, Volume 2: Being Adult

The Love and Appreciation Movement, inspired by the Love Letters series, continues forward encompassing a new category: tribulation. Life isn’t perfect, neither is love. Our experiences are multi-faceted and perfect only because of their imperfections. Love Letters, Volume 2: Being Adult explores the idea of love with a deeper, more complex analysis. Each letter expresses love – as it is, raging with honesty.

The author continues her journey detailing a commitment to a. love herself and b. love others. She transforms her passion into the kinds of words that grab hearts and inspire change. Her perspective challenges each person to acknowledge the love that resides in their heart; and share it with the understanding that shared-love will ripple outward, like lake water disturbed by a pebble.


Although the books are within the same series and formatted the same way (using categories), they are different beasts. 

I like to say that Book 1 is like cotton candy. It’s short and sweet…and can be read over your morning cup of coffee. You can read the reviews posted on Amazon to get a better idea of what to expect. After you read the book, I’d love it if you posted your own review on Amazon or emailed it to

Book 2 is about 40 pages longer than the first one…and is denser. Instead of cotton candy, it’s more like Shepherd’s Pie. The writing is more expressive, more emotional. It was published on January 10th, so there aren’t any reviews yet on Amazon, but I’d be pleased as punch if you decided to write a review after reading it. You can also send a review to — we’d love to post it on our various social networks.

If you’re interested in purchasing an autographed copy of either of the books, I will have them available for purchase on the site (only Book 1 is available at the time of this blog post). If you aren’t worried about having an autographed copy and/or would like information on how to find an eBook version of the books – I’ve got that information available on the website.

***If you have any problems with the website…a link, a form submission, a purchase, etc…please let me know – you can email and tell me what’s going on. I would appreciate your support in this matter, as I am running in 15 bazillion directions and sometimes smaller details are missed (ack – did I admit that?! sure enough did…)


Jenny – The Professional (Part 3) is coming soon…
…and we’ll talk about the Write My Life project.