Ever had so much to say that you don’t know what to say?

I was pulled into a quick meeting with the President and VP of Operations on Wednesday to talk about the Sales Summit that was scheduled for today. They had a Google Doc outline on the computer screen and tweaks were in progress while the conversation unfolded.

“We’re behind and trying to get everything together in time for Friday’s meeting. We’d like you to bring us up to date with what’s happening on social media and what the current status of web development is.”

Where do I start, was my first thought.

And my immediate second was, and you think you’re behind.

The great thing is that there is so much to do and that has been done, I have plenty to talk about. The bad thing is that there is so much to do, there are so many things that haven’t yet been done.


Each day is a process to do my best. To wade through the muck. To choose the highest priorities. To catch up on what wasn’t done in the office at home.

I started today anxious about my part of the meeting. I kept wondering what I would say, knowing that once I got started, I’d probably go on for too long.

But I was excited about sharing my spreadsheet. I keep a chart of of weekly numbers to show how our social media platforms are growing. I was really looking forward to talking through the numbers and the growth, and what I hoped for this coming year.

Turns out, I didn’t need to worry so much. My part of the meeting was cut out because we were running out of time. And granted, we do have weekly meetings where this can be reviewed, but I did offer up a little pout to the group about not getting to share my piece of the pie during the annual Sales Summit.

…and internally, breathed a sigh of relief.