The question has come up: “Have you talked with your doctor?”

The answer is no.

Partly because I’ve been having a very robust conversation about my overall health with my doctor for the last couple of years already. Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression and dementia run in my family. It’s a lot to consider, to work through, to prepare for and/or avoid as much as possible. We’ve been talking about it – and testing my blood to keep track of markers.

Add to the family medical history, my reality: the fact that I’ve always been overweight.

I mean, I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t plump.

So, my weight and alternative options have already been on the radar. She’s definitely on board with my losing weight – she calls me fluffy – and understands that my schedule is often more full than it should be…so stress and schedule play important roles when it comes to finding the right solution.

Read about Week 1 – My Intermittent Fasting Experiment

Back to the original question…

I also haven’t talked to my doctor (yet), party because I don’t like running things by others for even what may slightly come across as permission.

(Just ask my parents about that tattoo I got when I was 18. The whole summer passed without them knowing. And then when they found out, I was honestly surprised that they would take so much offense to something I decided to do with my body.)

But I digress.

The point is I don’t feel like I need to run this lifestyle change pass my doctor – despite the recommendations*. I listen to my body and understand – for the most part – what’s going on. And I will bring her up to date with my experiences when she and I meet next. She recognizes that I am a thoughtful individual when it comes to my health and she encourages me to embrace an active role in my healthcare.

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love my doctor?!

*Disclaimer: By the way, you should talk to your doctor if you’re making changes to your lifestyle that could have serious impacts on your health. I’m leveraging the fact that I’ve had an ongoing conversations and blood tests with my doc for 2 years running – when’s the last time you had a heart to heart with your medical service provider?!

I am sure she’ll be pleased with my progress, and the new things I’ve learned about my body through the process of engaging with a 4:3 intermittent fasting lifestyle. And if she isn’t, I’ll be honest and fess up. I am sure that if she isn’t pleased for any reason or has concerns, it’ll be a worthwhile perspective to consider – and I’m up for the challenge.

All of that aside (I should be scheduling an annual appointment here soon and will keep you guys in the loop), I am very pleased with the results so far.

Read about Week 2 – My Intermittent Fasting Experiment

Intermittent fasting keeps me in touch with listening to my body. Part of the concept is that you’re giving your body time to finish processing your intake and transition to healing mode. Like, it has time to work on healing and repairing, because it’s not so busy just dealing with the daily onslaught of food. In the same vein, I can say that I appreciate not feeling so “full” all the time. I enjoy my Fast Days and the fact that I’m not adding anything else to the pile, so that my system can already work on what its got.

Other positives:

My mom thinks I look better in the face. Not so ashen and gray. (Mom doesn’t miss a thing.)

Because I am low on energy during Fast Days, I am getting more sleep. I think the more sleep thing is definitely helping with the “not so ashen and gray” look in my face. But it’s also helping with a general sense of well-being and a clearer mind for outlining goals and figuring out ways to achieve them.

I eat without guilt on Eat Days. Fresh-made waffles with Peach Mango Preserves. That’s how I started my day today. With a big ole coffee – light and sweet. I appreciate my food choices and just how great everything tastes. Even more than before.

Week 3 – The Numbers

Weight start: 243.8
Weight end: 238.4

Measurement: Don’t ask. I will let you know when I finally buy the stinkin’ measuring tape. That being said, my tight jeans are getting less tight.

Note: I said “tight” jeans. Feeling comfortable in my “skinny” jeans is still on the horizon as a goal to achieve.

Tuesday: 188
Wednesday: 230
Friday: 108

Details about the numbers…

Weight Start to Weight End: I lost about 5 pounds this week. WHAT?! No lie, it’s amazing how much long overdue weight loss can change your mental outlook on life. I feel like if this is possible, many other things will be possible too.

Who knows?! I may actually publish Love Letters Book 3 here soon.

(It may be more realistic to say that I could actually be on track to publish in 2017, if I continue to move forward with outlining goals and getting them checked off my list. Breathe, people. Breathe. I’m gonna get there!)

Measurements: It’s on the list. Hang tight. In the meantime, I’m wearing my tight jeans more comfortably. That’s a big deal!

Calories: You’ll notice that I wasn’t on my typical MWF schedule. I celebrated Labor Day as an Eat Day (we went to the Ichiban Buffet after the afternoon at the water park), and I learned a few things about having back to back Fast Days:

  1. I need to ration my energy better if I plan to fast for more than 1 day at a time.
  2. Sleep will overtake me, so I should just plan on getting to bed early.
  3. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be – meaning, not eating for 2 days wasn’t the end of the world.
  4. The hard part was taking it a little more slowly than usual, and realizing that I couldn’t demand so much of my body and mind. On Day 2 about 18 hours in, I was toast.

And realizing it’s okay to be toast.

Realizing that my body needs downtime to process, to rest, to repair – and that when I give it what it needs, I am the better for it.

This is my valuable takeaway from Week 3.

(And, yes: I will talk with my doctor here soon.)