It’s been easier this week. The fasting thing.

Not eating is definitely a mind game. At least, that’s how I feel on Week 2 – it’s not so much about my body and my stomach growling, it’s about being in control of my mind (my purpose).

I know it helps that I saw some progress on the weight side of things last week – and that I have been curious to see what the scale would say this week.

It definitely helps that I feel better about being in my own skin.

That I’ve implemented a system, a reasonable discipline that still allows me flexibility and frees me from a certain amount of guilt.

This week, I watched Sumaya’s Facebook Live posts (Take 1, Take 2) and felt really inspired by hearing more about her journey. I was especially interested to hear about how she handles her Fast Days – apparently she is a big coffee fiend as well (kindred spirit) and likes to have it the way she likes to have it – with creamer. So, okay. She is still taking in some calories on Fast Days.

I’m just gonna say – it made me feel a little bit better about how I’ve handled the coffee situation the last couple of weeks. Still taking it with cream and sugar (or a flavored creamer – Vanilla Caramel, come to me baby), but with a little less, because I am actually paying attention to the amount.

This is all good.

I was also interested to hear how she handles a travel schedule while practicing intermittent fasting – fasting on traveling days, and enjoying her destination #yummygoodness without worrying.

I feel like this gives me a starting point on how I want to handle traveling in the future. I don’t have anything major coming up this month, but October has me in Boston and Orlando and November in Ireland, so I definitely want to have a game plan – without feeling too constricted (and missing out on destination #yummygoodness).

I can tell I’m low on energy in the afternoon and evenings on Fast Days, and I’m realizing that it’s okay to take it a little slower or head to bed a little earlier. I can think of one day in particular this week, I felt a little bit of a headache coming on – and I decided to take in a half cup of kefir. At 70 calories for 5 grams of protein, I don’t feel like I am breaking the rules beyond repair.

Week 2 – The Numbers

Weight Start: 246.7
Weight End: 243.8

Measurements: NA

Monday: 278
Wednesday: 208
Friday: 72

Details about the numbers…

Weight Start to Weight End: THREE POUNDS DOWN!! This totally makes me happy. It may be a small amount, but it’s in the right direction – and, it’s amazing how much better I felt in my skin this weekend.

It’s Labor Day weekend, and we’ve opted for a water park bonaza. I’m 2 for 3 so far on days spent in a bathing suit- and I didn’t feel like a sausage in too-tight casing.

Measurements: Still haven’t gotten the flexible measuring tape. Really, I will. Promise. I can already tell that things are a little looser around my waist, and I want to be able to count down by the numbers.

Calories: I am trying to wean myself as close to 0 on Fast Days as possible. This week, I was successful in seeing those numbers continue to decrease.

And it’s really getting easier. I am not just making that up. This Friday was Pizza Night at the house, and I sat with the kid during dinner and we “shared” the meal. “Shared” in that I spent time with him and shared space. But it wasn’t hard for me not to join in the eating. I was glad when Saturday morning came, and I definitely enjoyed my breakfast of cinnamon rolls and sausage, but I wasn’t starving for them.

So far, so good.

This coming week brings a bit of a challenge – Labor Day is tomorrow, and I’m still trying to decide whether or not to change up my schedule so that I can enjoy holiday eating, or go ahead and honor it as a Fast Day.

I’ll let you know how it goes.