I just checked the mail…

That’s not really something the ex likes to do…for whatever reason. And he likes to let it pile up without opening it up. The first week I was staying at the house, I cleaned off the dining room table (which was almost completely covered) so that the kid and I would have a place to work on homework and eat dinner. I organized his mail into three piles:

  1. this week’s mail
  2. old mail – unopened
  3. old mail – opened

The second pile was the largest.
It wigs me out! I don’t understand how someone can let mail go unopened for so long…I mean, credit card offers and junk mail…sure, you don’t want to throw them away and let them pile up?! Fine. Whatever rings your bell. But, bills?! I mean, I know we all hate them, but it isn’t really advisable to just leave those bad boys hanging out without some attention. His unopened mail went all the way back to 2010.

It stresses me out.

In today’s mail was a water bill with a balance of about $90+ dollars. I remember from living here previously that the monthly balance is usually around the $30 mark. So…if I’m doing my math right, he’s working on his third month of deliquency.

<enter sarcasm> Great.

So, how long does the City have patience before they turn off the water?

I just don’t understand…