Oh, my goodness. It was that time that I almost didn’t participate in an activity, and ended up being so glad that I did.

THE BIGGEST SHOUT OUT EVAH to Atlanta-based stylist hair2toe for helping me see the warrior princess within.

Give her some love. Like her photo on Instagram.

I attended Blogalicious in Atlanta as a part of my continuing education as a blogger.

Dove was a sponsor, and completely spoiled the attendees rotten.

(THANKS, Dove!)

The closing cocktail party included a #LoveYourHair stylist area, where you could get your hair done as a part of the festivities.

I appreciate Dove products and based on my experience through their different sponsorships of cons I’ve attended, I’ve chosen to incorporate both Dove and Dove Men+Care items into my household.

This blog is a nod of thanks, but also sharing what this sponsored experience meant to me.

Oh, There She Is

Can I be really honest with you…

I was over engaging. OVER IT.

This conference experience had been over the top, in the best of ways. My FEELS had run amok on the whole spectrum of emotions (including my dinner with a stranger), and they had worn me out.

I got to the closing cocktail party early. Things were still quiet. I grabbed a flute of bubbly and wandered my way into the Zen Garden.

(The Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead has a rooftop Japanese Zen Garden. And it’s…WOWZERS!)

And I drew into myself as much peace as it would allow.

And then, the engaging began again…

Great conversations. Last thoughts. New friends…even within the last hour of the conference experience.

It was these fine women who encouraged me to participate in the styling shenanigans. I was road-trippin’ home as soon as the con ended, and with no one to see or appreciate the ‘do – I thought, “What’s the point?”

But the point was fun.
And so, I waited my turn and sat in the seat of Fate.

My stylist immediately started working and interrupted herself by asking me,” Oh. Did you have something in mind that you’d like me to do?”

There were a lot of examples of fun styles walking around by this point, and to be honest, I was a little envious of the braid crown that I had just seen walk by. Very regal. Almost like a halo. Sweet. Angelic.

But I told her, ” No. I feel like you have a plan, and I’m good for whatever.”

She was a woman on a mission, an archeologist intent on digging up some treasure.

My “whatever” and her “whatever” were worlds apart.

And though I didn’t know what to expect until she was almost done, I knew by the compliments of people standing by, watching her work, that she was creating a masterpiece. I was allowed to inspect her finished product…

Is that me?!

I could hardly believe that the warrior princess staring at me in the mirror – was me.

Oh, there she is!

At a moment in life when I felt less like a warrior princess than ever…

Failing on the mom front. Not having enough energy to invest in his development. Not having the emotional grit to help him advance beyond complicated moments. Not keeping track with details at school — he had a project due last week? Had no clue!

Thinking about leaving my corporate job. Wondering how I was going to make ends meet, if I did. Knowing I needed to for the sanity of my little family.

Dealing with a leech of a boyfriend. Feeling crazy for letting him live with me. Trying to figure out the validity of our relationship and what my next steps needed to be. Did we really have a future? OMG, please tell me that this – this right here – isn’t my future.

Trying to figure out why in the world I purchased a fixer-upper home. I mean, I know why. But, living in the apartment was so much easier – and it was so energy efficient. I missed that. I missed electricity working as it should. The space felt like it was closing in on me and the air was heavy with the stink of a rotting relationship.

…there she was, looking at me with curious eyes.

Why did you forget?

I felt her question.
I had no answer.

I thanked my stylist profusely.
I absorbed the compliments of my friends and took pictures.
I received all the admiring glances from other attendees.

I tried to answer her question…

Why had I forgotten?

Thank goodness the Blogalicious Team believes in “dancing it out.” I quieted my mind and jumped in on the last few jams. Shaking my groove thing, as fiercely as my inner warrior princess needed.

Thank goodness for a long road trip home. Time to be alone. Time to think.

Time to strategize my next plan of attack.

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