Had a really interesting conversation this weekend about wanting it all vs. knowing what you want most…

…and going after it hard.

I’ve been guilty of claiming the former, thinking it was better; not understanding that it’s distracting, diverting…what’s keeping the most distance between me and my goals.

I’m looking at a post-it note I have on the wall in my workspace as I type this…

…yea, I got mad typing skills…

…not really…

It says…I Want It All.

And you know what’s even more interesting?

I have it posted on top of another thing I wrote down in a fit of passion.

It says…

Does it REALLY make sense? 

Are you in a position to share? 
To provide a positive impact? 

Stop daydreaming.
Get your shit together.

So, using the filter of this weekend’s conversation and things that have been rumbling around in my mind…

I want a lot of things.
I want ALL the things.

But trying to have/get all the things, trying to conquer all my goals, means I am not really focused or being strategic about acquisition. I’m open to it; but not going after it.

Does that make sense?

But, if I had to choose…

If I took a few minutes to write down all the things/goals, and actually pick a Top 10…Top 5… – or even, just a Top 3.

What would that list look like?

And how much more successful could I be in actually acquiring my goals vs. just being open to them?

I see it as a dedicated hunt vs. a meandering towards.

I had a recent experience of choosing something I wanted “the most,” going after it hard…

…and not getting it.

And while I’m still processing through my feelings (as you can imagine, I’m certainly not thrilled), I’m at peace with the outcome – and pulling out the lessons and benefits of having lived through it.

One of the lessons is acknowledging how focused, determined and successful I was with information, organization and implementation. I shoved everything over and was at the top of my game – for this thing.

Why can’t I be that way in other things?

So, here comes September.

I am making a Top 3 and a Top 5 list.

Let’s see how it goes.