Can you imagine your ex-husband and current partner talking about you as they ride in the car alone?

I was away at conference and hearing about all the commotion on the home front over the phone.

The Ex’s car had died in Cary on the way home. His Fiancé had gone out to rescue him, and they were just getting back home…so yes, I could talk with the kid in just a bit.

“Oh, no. Is it bad?” I asked.

I was empathetic. I hate car problems. Detest them. And being stranded 45 minutes from home and having to be rescued sounded like pile of poo-ish hell to me.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “It’s going to throw a serious wrench in the plans with our comings and goings this week.”

Another thing I could empathize with – inconvenience to tight schedules due to malfunctioning motors. Boo. Hiss.

“He’s going to try and take it to a shop that he saw down the road from where be broke down. There seems to be pretty decent online reviews.”

“Aw, hell no!” I thought to myself. (Positive reviews online notwithstanding.)

“Have you thought about asking #TheHandsomeOne? I mean, I’m not sure what his day looks like tomorrow, and I don’t want to commit him to anything, but you could ask. He may be able to at least look under the hood and offer some direction on whether it’s a hose or an engine issue.”

I could hear the appreciation in her voice. And I forwarded his number to her and sent him a heads-up text.

I need to remember who I’m dealing with here.

#TheHandsomeOne is a rare breed. I love him for it at the same time that it exasperates me.

He took the bull by the horns and just called the Ex. They took it away from there.

All the back and forth between them gets a little squirrely (not in a bad way – just in the kind of way that can be boring if we look too closely at the details).

The point is, they end up in the car, alone and talking about life (as guys are wont to do, I suppose), as they head to Greensboro to pick up #TheHandsomeOne’s spare car. My guy was kind enough to offer it to the Ex for use until his car is fixed at the shop.

And, of course, the women came up. Sigh. And the trials and tribulations of making them happy.

(Yes. You’re not imagining it. There’s a bit of sass in my tone.)

I know I should be pleased. And I am. Truly, I am.

But I would be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes, it’s just weird. My Ex and my current partner talking about me. Even if it is just a random comment here or there.

And, when it comes to keeping me happy, apparently #TheHandsomeOne offered up a jingle:

“Upset Jenny makes for headaches aplenty.”

Apparently (and now, this is the information as it was delivered to me), the Ex responds with: “Yeah. Don’t I know it.”

Poor guy. To his credit, I was really struggling back in those days.

And not that I don’t struggle now – #TheHandsomeOne would have no problems seconding me on that point. But I think I have a better time dealing with it and evaluating opportunities for growth. I realize now, back then, I felt so stuck. And we raged at each other partly because of it.

I look to the future with hope that we can use our past to help direct and propel us onto positive, constructive paths with our new partners.