It’s the small things that make a big difference.

Noticing the small things that other people do offers encouragement so that people feel excited about making the good choices…

At least, I find that to be true for my child.

Seriously, I find that to be true for me too.

Are you familiar with The Chart of Awesomeness?

If not, consider reading this post.


A while ago I decided to create a different kind of sticker chart for my kid. Something that carried a bit of a nebulous encouragement with a large reward.

The basic idea is I promise to be aware enough of when you’re being awesome. I will reward you with a sticker – 15 stickers means you can get a new (usually 3DS) game.

It’s interesting how the sticker chart – The Chart of Awesomeness – feeds into my son’s good behavior.

And because the chart itself doesn’t have much definition…the awesome thing could be anything…there is this air of delightful anticipation.

The Chart of Awesomeness provides really interesting opportunities for me to highlight good behavior in both 1.) areas that maybe we’ve been working on for a while that need some encouragement or 2.) something that has been recently introduced and needs some traction to get rollin’.

This morning in the kitchen as I was washing dishes I heard…Oh, no!

I looked over to the dining room table to see what was going on, and I was about to follow up with…Is something the matter?… when out of the kid’s mouth, verbatim, came: “It’s OK. There’s always Plan B.”

I about fell out.


Yaasss, child!

That is exactly what I’ve been trying to get him to embrace! There is always a Plan B. You gotta be like water. If there’s a rock in the way, flow over the rock, around the rock…flow under the rock.

There’s always another option.

Otherwise, we get stuck. And life is not about being stuck. Life is about evolving; it’s about growing; it’s about change.

Even as much as we fight change, being open to change…being open to the possibility of different paths…

It matters.

And today, my kid was open to a different path. On his own. Without the need of external encouragement.

And I told him to put a sticker on his chart

How do you encourage (reward) good behavior…in yourself and in others?