What’s under your dining room or kitchen table at the moment? Some dirt, maybe? Probably some dust bunnies – no one would blame you. None of us – I should say very few of us – get the urge to pull out the broom every day.

The kitchen is my happy place. I love to cook. I love to feed people. I love to eat. And I need a clean kitchen so that I can do what I love. Back in the day, we chose to revamp the formal dining room area into a playroom. We realized that the kid needed extra space for Sensory Integration Therapy more than we needed a formal setting to eat, so we have an eat-in kitchen set up.

The table has always been a catch-all. It happens in all homes. But since I’ve been out of the house, this area became a black hole for mail. When I spent an afternoon cleaning it, I found unopened mail postmarked 2010. It’s been a long time.

And what happened when the table was full? I mean, there’s only so much stuff you can pile up and still actually use the table. Well, some stuff starts falling to the floor; and if you’re the ex, you don’t really notice and you don’t really care.

If you’re me, you get to sweep it up…

under the table