Know that you’re missed – and that you’re loved, no matter what.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will always love you. And whether or not it’s the right choice, it’s my choice.

And so, I’ll love you as I can – when golden opportunity matches my courage.

I’ll look at the naysayers with my bright eyes and nod, because they’re right. And I know it.

But, I’m also stubborn and fight hard for the things that I believe in, the ones that I have hope in. I’ve got some good practice time logged in the skills of “not giving up” and “thinking outside the box.”

I don’t want an “inside of the box” kind of love.

I want to be guilty of breaking boundaries, of finding capacity when the stores were already declared empty. I want miraculous love.

And so, with my choice, I pursue it.

I’ll answer for it at the end of my days, and I think that I’ll be proud with the way that I loved, love and will love you.