Where are you?
What are you up to?

You’ve come to mind in the last couple of weeks several times; and I’ve shared fun stories of our time together with others. And it is interesting, because it’s been a while- since I’ve thought of you, and how you made me feel; and how we wanted each other.

To completely acknowledge how we were both in need of that “rebound” relationship, and found it with each other- no worries, no strings attached, and in spite of the friendship that grew between us.

Thank you for introducing me to your very distinctive perspective on life, love, sex. For bringing me into your world with reckless abandon- for sharing your love of “raw meat and fresh ice cream.”

Oh, yes, you liked your meat raw and your ice cream fresh- I’ve never forgotten that.

You compared my virginity to a field of wildflowers- so fresh and raw; dynamic in its beauty and variety, but simple in its display. And somehow, I’ve never forgotten that either. I know that you wanted to be “the one,” but I wasn’t willing to go there with you; and you didn’t give up. Goodness, you tried; being all sexy and forward, and confident with your ability to seduce a woman with your open confidence and experienced hand. But I am glad that we stopped there- well, almost there.

I am proud that I wasn’t one of your wild oats- I was more of a…wildflower. We weren’t really sure what to do with each other, because we weren’t playing by the typical rules that we had been accustomed to, but for those few months- it didn’t matter.

I’m glad to have known you- to have been your friend, part-lover-
I hope you are well.
Know that you are missed and remembered fondly.
I hope those wild oats didn’t come back to haunt you-