Did I tell you that I was both excited and out-of-my-mind NERVOUS about this newest transition? More time for writing means that I actually have to write…

…and I’m sorely out of practice. I stand in the shadows of peers who are BRILLIANT, like freakin’ amazing wordsmiths, and I’m sitting here like…pshhh, and I think I can compete with that?!

But, every day I have to remember, the race is only with myself. And, like so many things, it’s practice. To be a writer – you just have to write. Every day. Get the words out. Craft. And try again.

And so, while I tackle the piles around my house and the embarrassingly extended “back burner” of important things that should have happened or already be happening in my life – I am also tackling the pile of notes I’ve been keeping around my heart.

It’s so much easier to tell other people’s stories. To be busy with marketing messages. To social media the -ish out of a campaign.

To write from the heart, tho…

Mine? It’s dusty. The hinges are rusty. And – no surprise here – I’m clumsy…tripping over the words, the expressions – the feelings that overwhelm me and are so much easier to drown out in music or jot on a post-it for later…a later that has no defined date. A later that may never come.

Later has become now…and 2017 is when I start getting my heart back in order.

And with that, I offer the first official love letter of 2017.

I’ve got so many notes to develop…we may actually see the third book published this year.