It could be that since it’s already been on my mind, I’m reading the fortune with a skewed mindset. That happens.

And I fully admit that it’s probably happening this time.

“You would be wise not to see too much from others, at this time.”

As soon as I read this fortune, I thought about work, and my freelance contracts. I want to add more, because I appreciate the additional funds in my budget. (It seems that I need more and more as the kid continues to grow up.) But I know that as I continue adding to my total work time, the time I have to work on my personal projects and my writing becomes less and less.

I started offering service contracts and freelancing back in 2012 so that I could cover the bills, and the book tours for the Love Letters series completely fizzled out – and have been non-existent since. With all the moves in the last few years, I’ve done nothing but tote around inventory of Volume 1 and Volume 2. Books are heavy. And I am tired of moving them.

So, I’m gonna sit tight and work on the projects that I already have committed. In the in-between times, I am going to fit in the action items I would like to see completed so that I can move forward with Volume 3. There are so many things to do – and thinking about getting them done makes me so excited!