The Universe listens.
I know it.

This time last year, I was in transit to Ireland.

A friend of mine and I decided to take the leap. We planned ahead. We planned to wander.


One of my favorite memories (granted there are many) is how thrifting became a bigger part of our adventure than expected.

I had mentioned to her ahead of time that poking through some thrift or consignment shops would be on my WANT TO DO list, since I almost always find the best – and most useful – souvenirs in those type of shops vs. tourist spots.

Thrifting got bumped to pretty much the top of the list (not the tippety-top, but pretty close) as my travel buddy’s luggage didn’t arrive with us…

*For the record, she handled this like it was no sweat. Calm. Collected. On top of the details from the airport re: transit and arrival. Man…I want to grow up to be like her –

No clothes in Ireland.

And she is much smaller than me – and most definitely then when I was still on the early side of Intermittent Fasting – so it wasn’t like I could cover her until her clothes arrived.

So, we went shopping – straightaway.

If I remember the count correctly, we hit 3 thrift stores in a day and a half…ehem, truly, it was more like 24 hours…and the only reason we didn’t stop in the others we passed by was because they were closed (or about to).

I could also refer to the fact that we had both purchased enough new-to-us items within the first two days that packing was…ah…a flex in spacial creative genius.

This lining - let's just say I fell in love at first sight.Ireland is on my mind.

Well, now, if I am being honest, it’s often on my mind. But more so this month since my trip – a trip filled with light and the most amazing memories – was just last year.

Too, there are souvenirs I purchased thrifting that have become an almost daily part of my life. Hard not to think about something when you see and handle a memory every day.

Day 2 in Ireland and we found another thrift shop on our way to the Guinness Storehouse. No harm to stop in, right?

We left with BAGS!

(And then had to tote them around.)

I found a beautiful trench coat – that fit – and had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL lining. I was really struggling with the decision to get it. The thing was huge…and heavy…and so, so lovely.

“How much is this coat?” I asked hoping the price would dissuade me.

“That one right there is 5 euro.”

I just about laughed out loud.
Yep. That plan was a total bust.

Got it…and a few other things…(not as much as the night before, but now, that’s a different blog post).

And I didn’t wear it right away. It was too pretty a day in Dublin for such a coat.

But the next day, our first day in Galway, was gray and wet and cold. And the coat was a PERFECT outer layer for our walk through city square and the Christmas festival and Galway Market as the late afternoon turned to night.

Totally worth every bit of 5 euro.

I’ve been going through a major purge in my wardrobe in the last couple of weeks, as my body weight and proportions shifted again (due to my Intermittent Fasting practice).

And my mind just this week shifted to my outerwear, as jackets and coats that I couldn’t even zip up last year are more-than-roomy these days.

I thought about that lovely, lovely trench I found in Ireland.

I’m swallowed by it now – and I need to pass it on to someone who can use it.

And even though it makes me sigh a bit – I only wore it a couple of times – I know there’s no point to hanging onto it.

I will find another coat that I love along the way. And if I can get rid of this one quickly, someone else will fall in love with the lining in time to be warm this winter.

Positive affirmation.
Forward thinking action planning.
Letting go of things when their time is passed.
Honoring the continued journey.

This was all that was on my mind.

And I let it go…
…and moved on.

Today, I was thrifting because I am in need of new tops that fit properly…in general – and in time for my photo shoot on Saturday.

New headshots are a part of the agenda, and there’s no point being in baggy clothes when I hope to use these new shots for business cards, personal branding, etc…

I was taking my time, seeing what there was to see…

(Really, I need to stay out of the area with kitchen items and cookware – GETS ME EVERY TIME.)

I meandered through the aisles, realizing that my change in size was both opening and closing doors on options in ways that I didn’t expect. I walked by the Coat Rack…and though I didn’t see it first, I knew when I did see it that it was going to be perfect for me – and a perfect replacement for the coat I just made peace with passing along.

And just like that – the Universe filled a gap for me, giving me exactly what I need when I need it. And let’s be honest. This wasn’t really a need. It was a gift. An extra.

I claim it as a bit of positive feedback on the fact that I’m trying to honor my path in this Phoenix Fase.

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