There’s a lot of talk of whether engaging in social media is a worthwhile investment for any company. There is even more talk about social media ROI. The code has been cracked, they say.

Social media and connecting with consumers over social networks is a touchy-feely business. No matter how you try to track it and quantify its return. That’s just how it is. Content managers and online marketing specialists are working their hardest to create a hook of connectivity. Connect the consumer with the Brand using stories, images, videos, the Grumpy Cat– you get the idea.

And we, the consumers (because we all consume something), generally will connect with what we feel carries weight within our own experience based on the perspective of the moment.

See what I mean? It’s a precarious venture.
(One that I can’t get enough of, it seems.)

But I know that it works.
And here’s just one recent story to explain what I mean…


A connection of mine posted on Facebook recently: I am addicted to Cheez-it’s. I liked her status update, because I completely agreed. And then I immediately wondered: If I like them so much, why haven’t I purchased any in a while?

The answer to that is because I am too-frugal single mom who tries to focus on the important purchases while at the grocery store: fruits, greek yogurt, coffee creamer. You know, the healthy-must-haves and seriously-cannot-live-withouts.

Today, I had the opportunity to stock up on groceries without the kiddo tagging along. I worked towards the back of the store, picking up a few frivolous items as a I went: cinnamon-sugar pita chips, peanut butter crackers and ready-made chocolate chip cookie dough. There’s a threat of snow this coming Wednesday and I wanted to make sure we had some indulgent snacks on hand. I was heading down the isle that houses crackers and cookies, scanning without a definite idea when the Cheez-It’s sang out to me.

It was the song of the siren.
And I heeded it as happily as any Greek seafarer ever had.

I didn’t realize that there were so many choices available these days. And even with so many flavors to tingle the taste buds, I opted to the tried-and-true option: Original. As I plucked the box up with delight and pranced back to my cart, I remembered my friend’s post on Facebook. And I realized that the siren’s song had started long before I walked into the store.

Her post, her recommendation, her addiction had already planted a need within my brain that demanded satisfaction. I could just taste the crunchy, cheesy deliciousness on the tip of my tongue.

And now, as soon as I purchased said box of crunchy, cheesy delights, I would taste the deliciousness on the tip of my tongue.

(It was truly an admirable act of self-discipline not to open the box right there in the cracker isle. Can I get a gold star?)


Social media works. The fact that we have a place to spout off random ideas and share cravings, including our favorite Brands, gives our audience the opportunity to listen. And they’re listening.

Brands have an opportunity to shape the conversation by being where the people are – and they should be there doing just that!

Give me a good reason to connect with your Brand. Make me smile. Make me laugh. Remind me of the tender moments in life. Show me how you give back to the community. Tell me your story. Tell me someone else’s story and how you made it better.

I am ready to consume.
And social media makes it easier than ever.