“Mom, we HAVE to come back and shoot the zombies.”

I looked at him – amazed – at how much he’d grown right before my eyes.

Much thanks to Xtreme Park Adventures for hosting us for an unforgettable experience. This post highlights parts of our experience and opportunities available at the family adventure center this season.

Zombie season…

Our first experience at Xtreme Park Adventures was complex.

Neither of us had ever played paintball before, but we were both excited and interested…and boy, did we ever learn a lot in that first round – even as short as it was.

We spent a good majority of our time in the practice area, working on our aim…

And we learned a lot about the adventure center: what they offered, what was seasonal and what was being newly developed. That was when he learned about Xtreme Haunt – the zombie experience around Halloween.

Zombies don’t shoot at you…but you get to shoot at them – from a military truck.

And it was as he stuffed his face with dippin’ dots available in the shop that he looked at me – dead serious – and said that he wanted to come back to shoot zombies.

Xtreme Haunt 2017

IMAGINE: Your car broke down and at a distance you could see lights from a small town. Your cell phone is dead, and no one else around to help. You walk towards the town in hopes of finding some to help you. As you approach this small town you notice everything is still and quiet. You have a feeling that something is just not right, but you need assistance and you continue walking. As you enter the deserted roads of the town you hear a faint growl coming towards you…

Creepy start, right?! Read the rest of the story line on the XPA website.

If you live for the Halloween season and want to do something a little different than just walking through haunted houses and forests, you should consider checking out Xtreme Haunt.

It’s definitely an immersion experience that will get your adrenaline running.

And the team at Xtreme Park Adventures have added other seasonal attractions to keep everyone happy and busy, including: Zombie Target Shooting, the Mini Escape Room and the Walking Dead Gaming Experience.

They’re offering this experience until October 29.

This kid.

We’re at a really interesting place in his development.

More and more, he’s shedding childish things and raising his awareness to things more adult.

I’m both excited and a little sad over it. Not sad enough to keep him from it, but we’re walking cautiously forward…because you never know when there might be a zombie ahead ready to ravage your heart.

We’ll be packing heavy ammunition as we proceed.

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