The tree bearing these apples, the ones I’ve dubbed “The Snarky Sweets,” can be found on the side of a road on the top of the mountain, flourishing in the space between the pavement edge and the cattle fence.

Apples littered the ground around the tree, on both sides of the fence. I approached it with care, walking tentatively among the overgrown blades of monkey grass. Most of the apples still on the tree were too high for me to reach, but there were so many apples available for pick up on the ground, so I focused my attention on the treasures available in the dirt.

It was like searching for Easter eggs, little golden-green treasures hidden among the thick, dark green tufts of vegetation. The monkey grass hid piles and piles of apples – most of which were only slightly bruised from the fall, and so were perfect picks for adding to my take-home bag.

While searching, fruit was fresh-falling from the tree…on the other side of the fence.

“I would really appreciate it if you let your fruit fall on this side of the fence, please,” I told the tree. “I’m already over here trying to harvest your lovely treasures and put them to good use in my kitchen. The least you could do is make sure that the fresh-fallen fruits land in my area.”

I thought it was a perfectly reasonable request.

Seconds after my petition, more fruit fell…on the other side of the fence, more than once.

Clearly, this tree has a dry sense of humor.

Its fruit, though, is tender and subtly sweet.
Imagine if a Golden Delicious could whisper in your ear; or if it could blow you a kiss – that’s how I can best explain it. The skin is fairly thin and easy to peel.

At this point, I haven’t yet cooked or baked with these apples, but I have sliced a few of them – just as I would a “regular” apple – and served them to my fruit-hungry 7 year old.

Stay tuned for more adventures with The Snarky Sweets…