the stairs

HOLY BUCKETS! I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in a house with a steep stairway. This may actually be a benefit to being back in the house. I will have to climb these stairs all the time…that’s certainly more exercise than I was getting in my one story apartment. So, that’s a good thing! I’ve been giggling in my head by the time I reach the top, teasing myself for being so out of shape, for being so old and decrepit that my knees creak at each bend. Clearly, I’ve got to work out more.

For the time being, I am a little more thoughtful about whether I need to go upstairs or travel downstairs since I tweaked the ankle and it’s still a bit tender to walk on…might be my body’s way of protesting the added aerobics, because I swear to you, I still have no idea how I tripped and twisted my ankle in the first place. I feel like the ground just moved under my feet.

Oh well.