“Hope y’all have a blessed day,” he called out to me while walking by…


Thank you, Mr. Messenger of God. Walking with Jesus-joy in your step…and what looks like a Bible in the crook of your arm.

I’m over here trying to make peace. Let go of anger. Remember that “the joy of the Lord is my strength.”

I got up early to find the Source as he’s known to be found within the orange lining that shines brightly around clouds at sunrise. And where better to find him and give him a piece of my mind than at Carolina Beach’s North End…

Don’t sprinkle me with your positive vibe of loveliness…


But yes, I’ll take your blessings. All of them. For every single one of us, because my spirit whispers of challenges unseen…and not just my own unrested soul.

I responded by flashing him my most-honest, heart-felt smile, the one that gets me called “Sunshine” – by even the most unexpected connections…and shouted back with a wave, “Thank you so much!”


Even in the not getting what I want most, there’s blessing.
When it’s more about purpose than play, blessing abounds.

And, yes. Even as I claim to be expecting miracles…I have to believe that there’s blessing, that miracles live, thrive, and can be their most awesome selves, in the “not” getting, the “not” having…in the (apparent, supposed) lack…in the NO.

After all, there’s still so much beauty in the absence of sunlight, in the shadows of clouds. And look what a mark they make, if even for the moment.