Sigh. It’s been a rough 14 hours with the kid.

Just off the charts unusual.

I tell people there are some days when he seems pretty “normal” and others when you know with your life’s breath that something – a big something – is not right.

And on the “not right” days, it can be a guessing game as to what’s the matter because, even though his speech capability has come a long way, he’s still not on-level…and that doesn’t even cover how on “not right” days he seems to lose the words he does have.

He gets stuck; and I have to help him find the next step to take – and sometimes, motivate him to take it.

Take a minute to follow the dark, twisty rabbit trail.

We’ve been talking a lot about life skills lately.

Mr. Man wants to be grown up and stay home alone for longer periods of time. I told him to gather a few more life skills under his belt, prove to me he could handle it and we’ll give it a try.

This morning, after a HUGE meltdown and quiet time for both of us to settle down and think, I told him about one of the most important life skills in the universe: using your words to share what’s on the inside with someone you trust.

“Bae, the people who love you and want to help can’t read your mind. You have to use your words. Tell us what’s happening on the inside with your body, your mind, your heart. So we can help. You don’t have to feel stuck and angry, or alone.”

The words came out of my mouth and I had a kind of twang moment…like “huh, maybe more of us – me included – should utilize that life skill more often.”

Parenting: we think we’re teaching them, when in reality, it’s a two way street.