A friend took me to Crafted on Elm St. in downtown Greensboro, NC for lunch. It was my first time (hadn’t even heard about it before) and she figured that it would be up my alley since I like creative food.

And as they proudly say on the menu: “We are a taco joint, not a Mexican restaurant.”

A Taco Joint, Crafted

Always nice to hit up a taco joint for lunch, don’t you think?

It’s easy. Usually quick. And pretty tasty – I mean, if you like tacos and all. And I do. Like tacos. Are there people who don’t?

Crafted was all of those things – and more. They’re definitely taking the taco to gourmet places. I picked two tacos for lunch with a side of sweet potato chips: the Messenger and the Oxford.

The Messenger was a sweet little mix of things Latino: chorizo, scrambled eggs and queso, with a few other bits thrown in.

The Oxford highlighted fried chicken with — here’s my favorite — Spaghetti Squash.


Crafted isn’t serving up the typical taco. Instead, they’re creating little artful packages of taste-bud delight.

And that statement isn’t meant to belittle the tried-and-true crunchy ground beef taco (which is also, in its own way, a delight). It’s just meant to offer props to Crafted for thinking outside of the box.

They took an old favorite and made it even better by being creative. Isn’t that what food is all about?

P.S. You MUST order the Stuffed Avocado as an appetizer. Super tasty! It’s a little pricey for the portion, but the party it brings to your mouth…totally worth it!

Stuffed Avocado at Crafted in downtown Greensboro, NC