It was a miserable kind of day. We were the kind of sick that is all-encompassing. The kind of sick that requires you to stay in bed, because doing anything else is so much effort, you just want to cry. And so, you stay there as long as possible, falling in and out of sleep, until you have to pee. And then you return to the bed to fall sleep again.

I didn’t think we were going to be that bad. We had made it out the night before. My parents treated us to take-out at their house. We got some fresh air, ate some food – I really thought we were on the homestretch, and with a lazy Sunday, we’d be golden to start the week.

The kid came to my room already wrapped in a towel (he missed out on his usual nightly shower) and said softly, “Good morning.”

“How are you feeling, Bubba?” I asked.

“I don’t feel good,” he responded.

“Well, hop in the shower. It will help clear you up and get rid of that cruddy feeling.”

I tried to give him an encouraging smile, but I was still struggling to wake up fully and ascertain my own level of the Ick.

He came back fresh and clean from his shower, and I woke up again.

“I had another vomiting episode,” he whimpered.

“Oh, Honey. I’m so sorry! Was it in the shower?” I was trying to brace myself for cleaning up throw up as a part of my Sunday morning routine.


“Oh well, the water probably already rinsed it away. It’s okay. Come snuggle with me and let’s talk about today.”

He got into bed with me, snuggled-in and started breathing heavy. I decided to take advantage of the extra few minutes to snooze and followed suite. I woke up to him watching videos on the iPad (typical), but after a few minutes, he turned it off and put it down. ALL BY HIMSELF. And rolled over.

This voluntary action finally struck through my own Ick-ridden fatigue, and other thoughts started hitting home:

He hasn’t asked about food. (Where is his hungry-hippo appetite?)
What time is it? How long have we been sleeping?
He threw up in the shower – get up woman, and take his temperature!!


His temperature was 103.4.

And the rest of the morning and afternoon was me trying to be present enough despite my own battle with the Ick, to keep him hydrated, give him regular doses of essential oils, keep a cool cloth on his head and periodically test his temp to see how the meds were working.

The late afternoon brought success – his fever was greatly reduced and he actually wanted to talk about food, and after having been in bed for a majority of the day, I encouraged us both to get up and moving. Even if that meant moving to the couch.

In this glorious spurt of energy, I worked on dishes and laundry while prepping a meal (heating up leftovers). I was in the mood for something fresh, something delicious. Not just leftovers, but I could also feel my energy draining. I was about to use up my allotment build up during the day…

And then I remembered this box of Southern Style Beer Bread that was in the cabinet, waiting for the right time. Just add butter and beer. Don’t over mix. Bake for about an hour. And done. Fresh bread.

Now was the right time.

It was a superfluous purchase. This Baker’s Corner box of beer bread. I was at my local ALDI and it caught my attention. I didn’t need a box of beer bread mix, but there was beer in the house. And it wasn’t in my budget for the shopping trip, but it was so inexpensive, like so many awesome things at ALDI, that I just decided to just add it to the cart.

I’ve had a lot of positive experiences with Baker’s Corner items purchased at ALDI. If you don’t already know, ALDI stocks many of its own exclusive brands. Products that have been tested to meet or beat the national brands’ quality. I’ve never used a beer bread mix before, but a friend of mine has – and I was hoping that this loaf would be as delicious as that one was.

And so at this, the right time, I was so thankful for that spontaneous purchase.

It was super easy. Came together and into the oven in less than 5 minutes. The exact kind of fresh-made, delicious yummy-goodness that I was in need of – and I was glad, because…

“Hey, Mom. I, uh…” He looked at me timidly. “I had another vomiting episode in the bathroom. On the floor this time.”


The bread came out of the oven just a few minutes shy of the recommended time on the box. It smelled amazing. And, I’ll admit, I didn’t give it enough time before I was slicing it to eat.

So, so good.

Totally worth the guilty-pleasure purchase! And definitely worth taking the extra 5 minutes to prep on such a Ick-inspired evening.

If you’re an ADLI shopper, keep your eyes open for this product! And if you haven’t been to ADLI before, go. Shop. Enjoy. Don’t be hesitant to try their in-house items. Great quality…

I mean, don’t even get me started on the brownie mix.