I was in unfamiliar territory with time on my hands.

But, somehow, any major shopping center filled with names you know makes you feel at home.

Wait…did that sign just say SALE on BRAS?!

So, let me set the scene…

Just off the plane in Denver, Colorado. And just finished with a great chat from my newest Denver-based connection, the manager of the local DriveShop office, who recommended I check out a restaurant at the Northfield shopping center.

DriveShop is an engagement marketing agency focused on new vehicles.

I was connected to the DriveShop manager through a product communications and social media manager from Kia Motors America. He kindly allowed me to drive a Kia during my time in the Centennial State.

I was there for a conference, but having gotten a little smarter about my travel schedule (and having an Oma who graciously offered to watch the kid), I had packed a few extra days on the front side of my trip for connecting with friends and some exploration (read: road-trippin’).

This opportunity – this story – would not be possible without these connections, without the Kia Sorento (I named her Elinor) that I had at my disposal.

That’s not a biased statement. That’s just fact. Had I rented a car and not had this delightful path of connections and opportunity for story-swappin’ at the beginning of my adventure, The Shops at Northfield Stapleton would not have even been on my radar.

I shop when I travel.

Because there doesn’t seem to be time in my normal schedule.

Oh, sure…when there’s an event and I need something special; when there’s a hole in the sole of my shoe and I need a new pair before it rains again; when the kid has outgrown all the pants I bought for him last year…then I’ll make time. Otherwise, it’s all I can do to make sure I’m getting groceries in a timely manner – and even then, I’m guilty of serving my small human sweet tea in the morning with breakfast because we’ve run out of milk.

So, when I travel, when I am outside my normal schedule, I shop.

Usually, it’s thrift. BECAUSE I LOVE THRIFT SHOPPING IN NEW PLACES. Seriously, my best souvenirs – some of my most used items – have come from thrift or consignment shops when I’m on the road. But, sometimes, it’s big name retail destinations, because momma needs…well, whatever.

At the moment I passed by the Lane Bryant and saw the SALE sign, I was very aware of the recent issues I was having with my bras. Losing weight through my practice of intermittent fasting – and not keeping up with my changing shape – had the girls looking a little…a lot…down in the dumps, shall we say.

Food can wait. Let me check out this sale.

It was almost closing time and the staff was working on organizing product. I meandered through the sale bras, but realized that any amount of money would be misspent if I didn’t ask to be sized.

What followed was a whirlwind of awesome customer service – and I wish I could tell you the name of the Lane Bryant representative that rocked her job that evening.

I was sized. And yes, my digits had changed.

She took me through the current options and asked me questions about my lifestyle, what kind of bra made me happiest…was I looking for some va-va-voom or a tried-and-true t-shirt bra.

Look, lady. These bad boys stand out on their own already, I don’t need them to be shaped specifically to do so. I just need a solid day-to-day, supportive bra that isn’t going to drive me crazy…but also isn’t going to have these puppies dragging to my waistline.

She laughed.

And schooled me on what I should already have known about bras and how they should fit. SURELY AT SOME POINT IN MY LIFE, THIS INFORMATION WAS FOREFRONT IN MY MIND. Where had it gone?!

I gave myself a rueful look in the dressing room mirror as I tried on another batch of options. Seriously, did I have to fly all the way to Colorado to get re-trained on how to best lift and frame the girls? I would have face-palmed myself, but there was no time. Closing time, remember?

I tried on several bras…and yes, I was feeling so out of sorts and schooled and self-conscious and cognizant of the fact that these were no longer from the sale rack (read: I would be dropping a pretty penny – a needed penny – on whatever I picked)…so, I asked her to look at me and give me her opinion.

Looking at yourself through the eyes of someone else can sometimes be very valuable.

I ended up with two top of the line bras from the CACIQUE Intuition Collection.

One nude and one black.

Y’all. Memory Foam. Custom Fit. Full Coverage.

I closed down the shop. And I spent way more than I had intended.

And, I am pretty sure that I walked – well, ran, because it was raining – out wearing one of my new super comfy bras. And you know, bounce rate was kept to a minimum because I was wearing the right size that gave me the best support.

Good support matters.

And with that experience under my belt – I tossed my bag in the back of Elinor – and mapped out my route to downtown Denver – thankful for extras in the Sorento like navigation and front/back cameras.

I was staying in a loft on the south side of the city and as darkness descended, I knew I could wait a little longer to get some grub. I wanted to head out to my homebase and get the lay of the land before it got too much later.

In truth, I was full from all the amazing experiences I had already lived through in my first few hours in the state, and I was too excited to stop and take time to eat, because I knew there was only more to come.

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