We have season passes to Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe located in Greensboro, NC.

We’ve been season pass holders for…many seasons. With it being rated among the Top 10 Water Parks in America – and it being so close, why wouldn’t we be?

Oh my goodness…he’s growing again.


Y’all. I just can’t keep up.

I tell people, he’s like that Golden Retriever or Labrador puppy that just recently grew into an adult-sized body, but still thinks it can fit into your lap.


That’s what I’m dealing with…

And, his body spatial awareness has plummeted. Clumsiness reigns in our house. A tale-tell sign that he’s in the process of a re-org as his body’s limits are adjusting (yet again).

Trips. Falls. Things knocked over. Too many messes to count…

I just have to breathe deeply and thank heaven that I don’t really have “nice things,” so there’s no worry when things get broken or stained or crushed or…

You get the idea.

I’d really like to think that one day – ONE DAY – I will have “nice things”…but I think we’re gonna be too busy traveling the world visiting volcanoes for me to really care.

So, having the seasons passes to Wet’n Wild is just another link to sanity as far as I’m concerned. It’s not too far of a drive and it gives him a thousand different ways to move that body of his…get the wiggles out, stretch and play, flip and flop…in a space where there aren’t many breakable things.

You wanna swim your heart out to escape the big waves at the Big Wave Pool…even though you know it’s gonna get you every time?

Do it.

You wanna jump off the pirate ship countless times and swim under the waterfall feeling the crashing water pound your head and back?

Do It!

You wanna act like your Superman in the Cyclone Zone?


Cause, I’m gonna do it with you!

And thanks to his Gma for grabbing a Dining Pass as a birthday gift, we can grab a bite every time we’re at the park – giving me another opportunity to try and keep the all-consuming beast that is his bottomless pit of a stomach satiated.

Wet’n Wild All Season Dining Pass

Information from their website:

The All Season Dining Pass allows a Season Pass holder to redeem their pass at participating locations throughout the park for 1 BASKET MEAL (drink not included) EVERY visit during the 2017 Summer Season. Valid on any Regular Operating Day. Meal Options and food locations subject to change. Limit 1 meal per visit. VALID MAY 27-SEPT.4, 2017

As you might imagine, for a growing kid…this option comes in handy.

And we’ve learned a couple of things…

  1. Meal options that are within the Dining Pass program are highlighted on the menu board. Keep an eye out.
  2. Food Court areas that offer the Dining Pass program close up an hour before the park closes. Don’t miss out on gettin’ your grub because you weren’t paying attention to the clock.
  3. On this most recent visit at the park, we heard the 15 minute warning about the Food Court areas closing shop. That helps…if you’re paying attention.
  4. Food Court areas don’t really include ice cream spots…so, you can still get your ice cream* within the last hour of play at the park.

*The kid and I love the hand-dipped ice cream hut right at the Big Wave Pool. It’s called Breakers. We’re HUGE FANS of the chocolate chip cookie dough with caramel flavor. And showing my Season Pass means we get 20% off the total cost. #WINNING