I was actually waiting until our road trip before downloading the new month’s podcast from OWTK. I thought that jammin’ out to the new episode would be a great way to get our adventure started.

But that wasn’t really on my mind. It was morning. A school day. We were running late. And the kid was grumpy.

Our original plan had us on the road Wednesday afternoon. He had already written off Thursday and Friday as no-school/no-worries days, and he was NOT HAPPY about having to get up and get ready for his ride.

I sat down on the side of his bed and looked at my phone to check out the time and see how much was left for getting ready. We were already pushing it – and if he dug his heels in…

Not really the way I wanted to start my day. But then I noticed a message from Jeff on Facebook:

Have you and the kid listened to the March episode of the OWTK podcast yet??

Hmmm…leverage. Suddenly the answer I needed to encourage this kid from the bed without making a mess of either of our days came to me with rainbows and flashing lights.

“Bubba! Mr. Jeff Bogle sent me a message on Facebook. He’s wondering if we have listened to the March episode yet. I wonder why. We should listen to it now!”

“NO! I want to sleep!” And he stuffed himself under the covers and pillows.

(He is his mother’s child.)

I played the episode and – in spite of himself – he was jammin’ just a bit (still under the covers). 

And then, we heard it: the shout-out, the song dedication, the honorary title – “Kid of the Month.”

His whole body tensed and he blurted out from under the pillow, “Wait! Is he talking to ME?! WHAT?!”

He emerged from the layers of bedding, and we played it again. His response was just delightful. He hopped out of bed and said, “That totally makes me ready to get out of bed, Mom. I just — I want — I mean — ” he was struggling to find the words (he gets that way when he’s really excited).

“I really want to meet him one day,” he sighed one of those super-happy sighs and then made his way to the restroom. 

The race to get ready in time for his ride to school had officially begun – and we had the best soundtrack ever!