Thoughts from 2012…

Feelings and circumstances change.
Sometimes, faster than we think possible.

My heart goes out to those people who don’t yet have words to explain it all: sometimes you just have to hang on, try to make the right decision in the moment and figure everything else out later.

And here I am, 5 years later, one of those people who don’t yet have the words to explain it all.

Funny how life’s lessons come in cycles.

A sad thing happened, and even though I don’t yet have the words, I feel the pull to act…before the situation becomes bigger and darker than need be.

Inaction, hiding, turns small things - even medium things - into big monsters.

Sometimes, it’s easier to hide.


I mean, there’s really nothing else to say.

The sad thing happened.

It surprised me.

I’m…processing how I feel about it and what I want to do about it, but part of me knows that if I don’t “get back on the bike” as they say, I will miss an opportunity to squash this bug before it becomes a monster.

I wish I could swap secrets with a stranger again like I did in Atlanta last year. This is something I would tell him. Just so I could say the words out loud to someone who wouldn’t be connected, biased.

I told my friend as we continued to text…

(My friend who knows a sad thing happened, but has respected my heart space enough to check-in, but not to press me for details. May we all have such a friend.)

Yea, I think we know when we’re supposed to act, get involved, try to make things better. We hear the whispers of the Universe guiding us – and yet, it’s easier (not better) to hide.

It makes me wonder…

If those of us who heard the call to act actually took action, how would our lives, our society, be different?

Yea. There was a brilliant follow up to that one.

And in the meantime, the Universe continues to give me ideas on how to act, how to reach out…

How to make peace.


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