This was  in no way my idea. I want to make that clear from the onset. I am not this creative. I mean, I do some really cool things with food, but never this cool – not on my own.

A friend of mine posted a picture (see below*) to my Facebook wall and said something to the effect that he was surprised he hadn’t already seen something this awesome from me and the Yummy-Goodness platform.

Ha! It would have never occurred to me…that’s why.

And yet, I knew that my kid, who is 7 and loves to play with his food, may just fall in love with this way to eat hot dogs and spaghetti. He’s taught me on more than one occasion to check before I know for sure that he’s going to be on board with a new experience. And so we spent some time together checking out the picture and talking about how interesting it would be for dogs with pasta

“Little man, we have all the things we need to make these Spaghetti Dogs. Would you like me to make them for you?”

“Oh, yes,” he replied enthusiastically.

And just like that, we committed to a food adventure as a part of our dinner menu.

I was going to play it safe and just make one dog. He assured me that two would be preferable. I didn’t really agree; I just decided it wouldn’t be the end of the word if he didn’t like them as much as he thought he was going to.

It’s really as simple as the picture portrays.
Take a hot dog, chop it into pieces and stick spaghetti noddles through the wienie-bites lengthwise. Just for a reference, I got 5 pieces from one dog.

I heated a pot of water to boiling and added all 10 pieces at once. As soon as the pasta was al dente, I strained the Spaghetti Dogs and placed them in a bowl.

He inhaled them – with delight. Because he sure enough did play, but not so much as to not focus on the goal, which was to stuff his face.

I served the Spaghetti Bites with a side of ketchup, which was well received.

*This photo was shared from the “Dude. Wait, what?!” Reborn.” Facebook Page. There wasn’t a photo credit, so I am not really sure who to thank for this great idea. Whoever it is, THANK YOU – from both me and my kid.