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What is Send Me Encouragement?

Think. A positive postal pick-me-up. At Send Me Encouragement, we believe in lifting people up with kind words that offer courage and hope. Life sucks. It’s hard. You get knocked around, and you can feel like the whole world is against you. We get it. And we’re FOR you! Encouragement goes a long way in adding a little cheer in the journey. And that’s a part of our mission – to send you a bit of light to help get you through those dark times. We’ll send* you a postcard with some positive thoughts for you to reflect on – and hopefully – get a smile on your face, and your mindset focused on all the best things.

When’s the last time you got an encouraging piece of mail? In your mailbox? A happy little note – just because – that made you feel good from inside out? A project led by Jen Busfield and Plethora Content.


In the U.S.

*Send, as in an actual postcard that meet USPS standards with correct postage for U.S. deliveries. All you gotta do is read the terms, agree and submit your name and address. Click on the button below.

Outside the U.S.

*Send, as in we unfortunately are not mailing postcards internationally at this time, but we’d love to send you a monthly email with a bit of encouragement, if you’ll let us. So consider signing up.

Join the Community

Two projects under the Plethora Content umbrella – Send Me Encouragement and Love Letters – have joined up to host a Facebook Group. It’s a #yesyoucanriseabove and #welifteachotherup kind of community. If you’re looking for that kind of positivity in your life, consider joining.