Oh, LinkedIn…

And to think, some people still don’t leverage you for professional development.

A little background for new readers – and those who may not be aware of my history…

Plethora Content was officially formed in January 2017. Before that, it was jab’s plethora…there was an evolution of sorts (that I won’t get into here).

I didn’t start my own company to be service oriented. I just wanted to purchase ISBN’s and have them linked to an official entity.

It was after I published my second book in the the midst of setting up book tours at local shops that I started offering service agreements to local businesses. If you’re interested, that was around the end of Q2 2012.

As a self-published author, I needed to know my way around the marketing space, and I was active on social media and constantly updating my website. Business owners – those familiar with my work from before (at a custom web development firm) and seeing how I was evolving – asked me to invest time and know-how in their marketing efforts.

The rest, as they say, is history.
And my present.

And, as far as I can currently see, my future…

Six years.

Man alive.

To be honest, it seems longer than that…

So, so many bumps in the road. Lessons learned. And yes – bridges burned.

I’ve been one to learn by doing, and I’ve done a lot…because it’s always been about customization. Learning the client’s business, their goals, their resources – and figuring out what made the most sense with the tools that were available (and that I knew well-enough to leverage).

It has not always been pretty. Far from.

But I learned. And I learned how to set expectations for my clients. And I continued to learn…because if there is anything true about working in this industry, it’s that you always have to be prepared to learn something new.

I am quick to correct those who call me a social media expert.


I am a practitioner.

It’s about doing and learning. Getting better. Continuing education. Being open to other paths. Implementing new tools. Keeping a firm hold on the goals…and the reasons why. Understanding how ROI is a flexible beast that changes based on…SO MANY FACTORS.

At least…that’s been my path.

I’m thankful because my path has given me the opportunity to work with so many personalities within different industries. That also translates to a million different goals, and figuring out the paths towards success. Working with different budgets – start-ups to corporate – has also given me an appreciation for what is possible at what price.

I’m thankful too because these days, I get to spend time training others.

That looks a little different depending on the situation…

I talk with a local 8th graders who attend a New Media class about how to use social media for good.

I have a presentation geared for adults, a challenge to think about their online reputation – how to develop, manage and curate it – to help with job acquisition, and which tools/platforms are helpful towards obtaining that goal.

I schedule one-on-one sessions with community leaders, marketing leads, owners of social-ag organizations to answer their questions. Dive deep into the tools that make the most sense for them to leverage.

Sometimes, it’s pro bono.
Sometimes, it means work down the line.
Sometimes, it’s work right away.

The point is, I can choose how I spend my time – whether it’s paid or not. There’s a lot of freedom there. A lot of responsibility too. And a constant need for organization and a re-evaluation of processes to make sure I’m maintaining an appropriate balance for my own growth and development, as an individual and as a service provider.

What thrills me a bit (okay, a lot) is that sometimes I get to train people who touch service organizations that I will never have a hand in managing. Me taking the time to share a bit of my knowledge will positively impact their engagement in managing their own marketing goals, and in turn, will benefit groups of people in my local community that I may never come in contact with or meet.

That right there…is a really cool thing.

So…onward and upward.

At least until I buy my own farm, plant an orchard and internalize my efforts for my family’s business.

Although, even then, I don’t think I’ll ever let go of the opportunity to teach what I know – especially if it can offer a positive impact.

Oh, yea…and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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