It’s been a while since I’ve been to the movies.

My Foursquare App tells me it’s been since October 2013.

It doesn’t matter that I had planned to go over Thanksgiving break, or that I had promised myself I would visit the big screen every day during my Christmas vacation as a gift to myself. For different reasons, neither of those plans came to fruition, so I told myself…definitely for my birthday!

And, it worked. I was off Mommy Duty, so I decided to commit to a Double Feature. A 6:40pm showing of The Hobbit – Part 2 and a 9:45pm showing of Catching Fire.

(Even from the movie titles tell you how far behind I am. It’s amazing that those two were still even showing.)

Single, At the Movies

I don’t usually get popcorn at the theater.

Uh, let me rephrase that. If I am going to the movies alone, I don’t usually get popcorn. If I’m on a date with the kid, we’re almost certainly getting popcorn and a drink – and candy. But I take him to Graham Cinema as to not break the bank. If I am on a date (and that doesn’t happen often), I will acquiesce to the preference of my partner-in-crime. My ex-boyfriend usually opted for the combo – XL popcorn and a Large drink, and I certainly indulged along with him. It made the movie experience a little more “date-y” and that was always fun.

It was my birthday treat to myself, this night at the movies. And I had a few minutes after the first movie and before the second. And, here’s the real kicker, I hadn’t eaten any dinner. I was hungry! So I decided to at least review my options – and my choice was clear, the XL Popcorn and Large Drink combo was only a couple of dollars more than getting a small popcorn and a Large drink.

I was like — I can get all that extra popcorn for only $2 more?!

(Let’s not talk about the fact that popcorn doesn’t actually agree with my digestive system. It didn’t matter. It was my birthday, dang it.)

So, I ordered. And paid. And then tried to figure out how to carry everything. Huge tub of popcorn, large (and heavy) drink, my flimsy little blowing-in-the-wind ticket, my clutch…


Maybe there is a really good reason why I don’t do this kind of thing on my own. It’s much easier with two sets of hands.

Just so there are no secrets between us, the theater attendant who collected my ticket chuckled at me as I approached precariously balancing everything. It was a miracle I made it to my seat without dropping anything.

It’s probably the first time I’ve ever felt sad about going to the movies alone. Next time, no popcorn. Seriously.