Even with all the enthusiastic frivolity floating around the jab’s plethora projects, there’s a lot of actual work getting done. In fact, Jen’s pretty good at what she does…general content quality control and getting the word out about great content-based projects. Okay, that’s a pretty ethereal description, but you can read through the Services below to get a better understanding of where the rubber meets the road.

Are you interested in finally taking your creative writing project and turning it into a book? There’s never been a better time to self-publish your work. There’s so much information available online, you can do the research and figure it all out! You can do this!

For whatever reason, if you want some guidance from someone who has already walked the road; or if you’re in a super-busy moment in life and can’t dedicate the time to getting it done, contract jab’s plethora!

Whether you choose to publish on the eBook platform or in Print, we’ve got the experience to help you out!
Services include:

  • Content Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Book Formatting
  • Cover Design Formatting
  • Cover Design Creation
  • ISBN Procurement
  • Assistance with Copyright
  • Assistance with Marketing
  • Assistance with Book Events

Content Consultation
Think you’ve got a pretty good handle on the raw content required for your project, but want some “fresh eyes” or recommendations on how to format it correctly so that it makes a positive impact on your audience?

We’ve got a pretty good eye for content. It’s what we do.
If you need help, let us know!
Services include:

  • Content Review and Consultation (Recommendations)
  • Editing Services (Both Content and Copy)
  • Formatting Services
  • Website Content and Menu Structuring

Online Marketing
Social network marketing is really popular because it’s free. Don’t believe the hype. Sure, there aren’t as many upfront costs as there are in traditional marketing platforms, but staying on top of online marketing strategies takes time. And, if you’re going to take the time, you should do it well. Know the rules before you engage. Figure out ahead of time what’s worth your time, and what’s not. If you need help, call us! We’ve got the experience to get in and get out – and post interesting information to keep followers in touch with your platform and attract new ones (which is the goal).
Services include:

  • Strategy Review and Recommendations
  • Social Network Platform Creation
  • Social Network Management
  • Email Campaign Content Creation
  • Blog Creation and Ongoing Management

Fine Print
All services recorded on a .25hr increment.
Total service time is invoiced on a bi-weekly basis along with any direct costs associated with service contracted.

If you’re interested in learning about how jab’s plethora can positively impact your project, get in touch to schedule a consultation meeting.