Dinner with Mom at Tyler’s in Apex, NC…again.

Tyler’s seems to be our go-to lately. It’s close by, offers great food and friendly staff and there’s beer. Lots and lots of beer.

(And if you check-in on Foursquare, you can enjoy a FREE order of Garlic Fries. Totally yummy and you can vanquish any hint of vampires with your breath afterward. What’s not to love?!

Anyone in the mood for a kiss?)

Meet the lineup: Great Lakes Imperial Smoked Porter (Ohio), 21st Amendment Sneak Attack (California), Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted (Scotland)

I love taking time to peruse through the various beers that Tyler’s has available in the moment – and depending on my mood, I will read through each description carefully and then pick one, or I will pester the Waiter/Waitress with questions and/or ask for a recommendation. Some are better than others with their responses.

And this evening, our Waiter offered some really great – and diverse – suggestions, and even offered to let me sample: try before I buy, as it were.

The samples rocked. And thankfully, there was enough in each glass that mom and I both enjoyed a couple mouthfuls to really get a feel and taste for the brews. (Although her lower lip did tremble a bit after the Porter…she was NOT a fan.)

I choose the Sneak Attack, which was spiced with Cardamom. Aromatic and full of flavor, I knew that it would make me happy with every sip.

The Porter was heavy on the smoked taste…serious bacon flavor – a little too heavy for my mood this evening. And the Harviestoun…well, my favorite part was the title, Bitter & Twisted.

Not pictured: Dogfish Head Theobroma

The sample of Theobroma came out a little later as the beer conversation developed. He was kind enough to bring out a sample for each of us. Think Aztec cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, chilies, honey and annatto in a 9% ABV light-colored beer.

It totally threw me for a loop.
It was delicious.

I’m ordering it next time (with fingers crossed that it will still be on the menu). You should join me!