Don’t you love it when a venue is actually as nice as it seems to be on social media?

I’ve been following the developments of Filament Coffee + Tea digitally, but with my crazy schedule, I just haven’t made the time to head downtown for a few minutes to take in the space – and yummy-goodness – in real life.

Today, that changed. A business meeting needed to be scheduled, and my client was willing to head my way. I threw Filament into the hat – there are some great options in downtown Mebane to grab a pre-dinner drink  – and since my client hadn’t yet been there either, we opted for the adventure.

And it was such a pleasant experience!

Here’s a quick recap of my favorite things:

1. So Green

Walking into the shop was like walking into a small urban forest. So many fun green things placed strategically to bring a little bit of the outside in. It gave me a happy feeling.

There was a table of air plants and succulents. Yes, I said air plants. As I was ooohing-and-ahhhing, another customer said aloud, “I wonder if air plants means that there is no need to water.”

“Yes, I think so,” I responded. “I mean, look. This one’s not even in soil. So cool.”

She shared my appreciation and said, “I could probably keep that alive then.”

I chuckled along with her.

2. Support Local

Check out the retail webpage of Filament’s website. They’re committed to partnering with local artisans. What they offer in their retail space is hand-crafted and made locally. The soaps looked AH-mazing! I didn’t take the time to smell them, though, because then I would have to smell each one…and that might have been awkward.

Random lady in the retail space who hasn’t even ordered anything picking up all the soaps and breathing deeply. I get enough side eye as it is without looking for opportunities.

Anyway, I love it when neighbors support each other. It makes me feel even better about spending my money and being a part of the local circle-of-life.

The serve Joe Van Gogh coffee and even their kombucha is NC made.

3. On Tap

Filament has two taps behind the counter. Not for beer, which would be cool. But what they’re offering is pretty unique.

On one tap, they’ve got kombucha from Buchi located in Asheville, NC.

If you’re not familiar, kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened drink made from black or green tea. It’s grown in popularity and is known for its health benefits. Buchi refers to their brew as “probiotic tonics.” I’ve only had it once, so I can’t speak too much on it, though I have friends who LOVE it and even know a few individuals who brew it at home.

On the second tap, Filament’s got a house-made cold brew that is SUPER smooth. Totally delicious. No cream or sugar needed.

A nitro cold-brew. It’s a process that takes 18 to 24 hours. And it’s done cold, which is the reason why there’s no bitterness. It cuts out all the acidity. It’s pressurized in a keg with nitrogen gas.

I only had a taste-test, but I will totally go back for a entire cup. Holy buckets. So good.

4. Let’s Meet Up

Need a place to meet with your crew?

Filament has a semi-private meeting room in the back of the shop. Two doors that close for privacy, but the walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling. So, you may not want to be talking about your grandmother’s super secret lasagna recipe.

First come, first served, though it does sound like you can reserve it if you need to. Call the shop to confirm.

The decorating details didn’t stop here. It’s a beautiful space, perfect for a small group. Six would be comfortable. Maybe 8. You’d be pushing it with 10. If you have a group of 12, you’d better REALLY like each other.

Since no one else was using it, this is where my client and I talked social media development for his company. What a beautiful way to spend the early evening.

And don’t even get me started with my beverage…

5. Rosemary Latte

I already knew that Filament Coffee had a reputation for unique flavor pairings. (Follow their Instagram account. It’s awesome.) This was absolutely confirmed when I saw the special of the day: Basil Honey Latte.

But I asked anyway: “What’s awesome? What do you think is amazing?”

The Rosemary Latte.

She said that there was something about the mix of the rosemary and the espresso, and her eyes got all dreamy. How could I say no to dreamy-eyes? I wanted to drink something that was going to give me dreamy-eyes too!

But then, a curve ball: “We also have the Filament Latte which features (she rattled a few of my favorite spices) cinnamon, clove and ginger.”

Ah…dreamy-eyes or spicy favorites?

There was indecision. I mean, how could I turn down my tried-and-true spicy faves knowing that it was the signature drink, the beverage good enough to carry the name of the shop?


The Rosemary Latte won out. I said that I’d get the Filament Latte the next time, already knowing that I would HAVE to MAKE TIME to return.