I told her, “When you talk with God next, ask him to give me wisdom and discernment on my next steps…”

Because, the truth is – I haven’t been taking a whole lot of steps lately.

It’s more like – I’ve been waiting for that patient little push from behind. That encouraging kind of …you got this, girl – that’s the direction you should head… <PUSH>

…that’s what I’ve been banking on for next steps.

There’s not a whole lot of confidence on this side of things. And in case you haven’t been close enough to me to hear the story – the summer of 2019 was a daily reminder of just HOW. UTTERLY. HUMAN. I am.

That’s it.

That’s all I’m working with…

And even when I am trying to be super-human…nope. It’s just normal human.
Human to the core. F-ing things up royally up one side and down the other…even though that isn’t my intention. It’s not enough. I’m not enough. There isn’t enough energy. There isn’t enough time. There isn’t enough anything…

And, so I’ve been asking for grace to cover the gaps.
I’ve been asking for wisdom and discernment – and courage.

And today, I identified that my confidence is at an all-time low…and I’m just taking hesitant steps forward when I feel the push from behind that confirms my direction and my space.

I told her a story from back in the day…

A moment in time when I was super-stressed, falling apart really…and I knew I needed to write, but writing was (is) work – and I opted to do the easier thing…I learned how to make custom jewelry.

It was the colors.
And the textures.

And the act of creating a whole thing out of separate, often times unmatchable, beads.
From a random pile, into a string that told its own story of color and dimension.

And I knew, with each new piece created, that I was being lazy.
I knew, I was wasting my time…

Maybe “waste” is too harsh…
Delaying the inevitable.

Creating jewelry wasn’t my calling.
It wasn’t fulfilling my soul-need, my default mode of operation…
It was just an easy distraction.

Something I could lose myself in without creating any real, lasting impact on my purpose.

“I feel like I’m there again,” I told her.

Recognizing that I’ve just been really distracted.
Sure, learning some lessons while I was passing the time.
Not a terrible thing – just not really making any impact.

I’m at the crossroads where the path divides out – and I’ve been sitting at the cafe having a cuppa, building up the courage to take the trail I’m supposed to, taking any opportunity to chat up visitors, getting a top off to warm my mug…making it last as long as possible, complaining about the inconvenient weather, wishing I didn’t have to walk alone…

I can’t limit myself to always needing a push to take the next step, right?

Making peace with the present isn’t just about acknowledging the parameters of my reality, it’s also about resolving the unresolved issues of said reality.

And while a lot of those “issues” seem very mundane – who really likes revisiting piles of poo that were poorly cleaned up the first go around?! – that first level of commitment is the proving ground.

I don’t get to level up until the peace I do have the rights to is managed.

I gotta take responsibility for what’s already in my domain…the stuff I can so (too) easily ignore…because while your war seems so much “better” than mine, I can’t really make a difference – for you, for me, for our future, for the world – if I’m still at battle in my own.

Making peace with the present.

It’s a challenging path. I’d much rather stay at the cafe for another cuppa.

The distraction is so clever, so shiny…so comforting – because it’s easier to keep talking about our wars, than actually doing anything to resolve them.

But, that’s too much work, isn’t it?
And peace…well, that’s passive, right?

No. Actually, it’s not…