I am so thankful for the power of positive intention…

…whether is acknowledgment and focus, prayer and supplication, grim determination and sweat (often, all the above); it certainly does its part to put things in motion.

Yesterday, I wrote about simple solutions.

I basically prayed for those AH-HA moments to hit me more often (gently, mind you – the point is to live with less pain), because I’m tired of wasting energy and effort spinning my wheels, living in pause.

Yesterday, I blatantly admitted that I’m at a loss on how to move forward on a certain situation.

I’m lost – and the words won’t come.
I’m lost – and unsure of which actions, what stance, I should take.

And somewhere in the mayhem, I asked: “What am I supposed to do?”

Faith requires action.

But I’m living frozen…in fear? in apathy? in…what?


That’s for sure what it is, no matter what form it’s taking…

There were pieces, signs, a serendipity of sorts that followed me through the day.

Bits of magic got tossed into the cauldron as I stirred the soupy mess of my day wondering what my path was supposed to look like, what my next steps should be…

It hit me at the gym.

(There’s nothing like some fresh, hot blood pushing it’s way through your veins and vessels to get the neurons firing, huh?)

I do what I do. 

I speak life. I plant seeds.
I reflect light and breathe love.

I give courage.

Because…that’s what I do.

The who doesn’t matter.
It never has…

And, as I reflect on my last 18 months or so, I realize I’ve been in training for this. I’ve worked hard to be able to stand here and know with confidence that I can bear the weight of what comes at me (or what doesn’t).

Because, it isn’t personal.
It’s business.

The business of light+love, which is…my jam.