She’s one of my closest connections, she’s allowed to ask, to know anything.

“So, how’s…?”


But that doesn’t mean I always like opening up to her.

I was expecting the question. I’ve made such a fuss with my close ones about it, that’s there’s no not talking about it anymore. And, while in some ways, I wish I just didn’t have to talk about it anymore, I know that it’s good for me to use every opportunity to speak words of truth and authenticity, instead of…continuing to fuss and fret over the details.

It’s a lesson.
And I know it.

I offered up my “no-new updates” report with a warmth in my eyes…

…that I know is there every time the subject comes up.

I feel it shining.
I get shiny eyes.
Shiny anime eyes.


Basically, my report was outlining a typical kind of thing we all face from time to time:

There’s a situation that you’d like to move forward, so that you can reach a goal, a destination. Check a box. But the situation is moving at a snail’s pace, and while it’s positive, it’s not really getting any closer to the finish line. And instead of enjoying the process, the journey, the adventure, you belittle the every day bright moments, sacrificing them to the glorious endgame (which you’ve fantasized in your mind to the point that it shines rose gold, and damn anybody who says it isn’t achievable…and isn’t the Universe listening to your heart, to all the people who understand that this “good thing” is a no-brainer?!). And so, instead of focusing on the positive and being grateful, your yearning takes precedence and your focus is on the lack.

Sound familiar?
Or is it just me dealing with that kind of thing?

This time, though, I ended the update with “…and, really, that’s the most important thing.”

I felt really, really satisfied with that report. And I knew deep in my bones, I leaned into the lessons that have been working themselves out in my heart.

I realized and gave life (with my words), I honored, truly, what is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing – and I felt like I had achieved the “being content in all things” goal.

A peace settled over me as we transitioned to the next topic of conversation.

And I was so thankful to end the subject, something that is so dear to my heart, on a high note – just as it should always be.