So, I had this great idea…and did it once.


So, typical.

But, if LIFE is trying to teach me anything these days, it’s persistence.

And so, I persist…

Things I’m Proud Of

I had the opportunity to talk with the Media Class at Burlington Christian Academy this afternoon.

Talking with the 8th graders at BCA (I’ve been invited now for a few semesters) always teaches me something – and I appreciate their feedback…yes, even their sassy comments.

It’s always an interesting mix – kids who are HUGE consumers of social media and kids who don’t really pay it a bit of mind.

My presentation focuses on using social media for good…whether that means not being a bully and calling bullies out or planting seeds to develop a strong online reputation in order to leverage a strong harvest when it comes time to apply for college and/or vocational programs. I even talk about how much easier it is to follow the path of entrepreneurism and to get a head start on what it means to own and operate your own business.

I love seeing their wheels turn.

I love challenging them to consider their behavior and to pursue a path of creation vs. consumption.

Things I’m Not So Proud Of

I got truffles for Mother’s Day. 

While I am super delighted by this gift, I’ve pretty much just stuffed my face all day.

I would NOT consider this a very wise decision…and I know I’ll be paying for it dearly as the overload of chocolate makes its way through the internal path.


/stuffs another truffle in her mouth/

What I’m Praying About – Leaning into the Light

Not something I’ve covered yet on the blog…

My dad is currently fighting for his life.

His fifth surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. We’re (me and mom) hoping that this will be his last – that no additional infection will be found – and that the surgeon will decide to close him up and start the process of transitioning from ICU to a regular hospital room (and all the associated action items that will entail).

Looking Forward with Purposeful Anticipation

There’s this real possibility that I will become a cat owner. 

I can’t even begin to tell you – as someone who’s been allergic almost all her life and is only recently (in the last couple of years) noticed a cessation of the snot overload – how surreal that statement is.

But I have really tangible peace about this addition to Plethora Pointe.

If it happens, I’ll write a welcome blog for our new kitty.

Any advice for a maybe soon-to-be cat owner?

/stuffs another truffle in her mouth/