It hit my inbox with a “SURPRISE!! You’ve been invited!”

Very festive. I felt the confetti falling around me. And sincere thanks to the North Carolina Blogger Network for sending out invites to the community. The timing couldn’t have been more prefect!

20160212_couple-birthday-dinner-Redfish-RallyAh, yeah! Of course, I would love to attend Chuy’s Redfish Rally! Fresh-made Tex-Mex yummy-goodness and Margaritas to celebrate my 35th birthday?! Totally a no-brainer. Very within my #35andreadytothrive theme. And (as if the opportunity wasn’t already awesome), I was allowed to bring a guest. Instant date night with #TheHandsomeOne.

The event was a sneak peek and meet n’ greet for the new Chuy’s location coming to Cary, NC this Spring.

Until this event, I had never even heard of Chuy’s, so there was a lot to learn as well as enjoy.

The Important Bits

Chuy’s, a Tex-Mex chain based in Austin, Texas and known for “big as yo’ face” burritos, is opening its fourth location in North Carolina this Spring. The new restaurant is scheduled to open in the Parkside Town Commons shopping center (at the HWY55 and Interstate 540 junction) in Cary during the month of April.

They’re looking to hire 175 of the best and brightest the community has to offer. Needless to say, superior customer service is important to provide the positively engaging experience Chuy’s is committed to offering those who stop in to dine.

If you need a job and want to be part of the team, I’d recommend you get in touch!

Fresh-Made Each Day

Chuy’s is all about fresh. The kitchen staff arrives at 6am each day to get a start on the 10 signature sauces the restaurant is known for, including the addictive Creamy Jalapeño dip (think similar to Ranch, but with a kick…and yes, please, I want some more). Tortillas are grilled throughout the day on a rotating griddle called a comal.

By the end of the night, #TheHandsomeOne and I had a good chuckle over how many staff members told us about the freezer. At this point, I’d really like to see it.

Apparently, Chuy’s has a tiny freezer. It’s just big enough for fries and ice cream pops for the kids. They don’t need room for anything else because they start each day same as the one before, making everything from scratch.

If I ever get to peek behind the scenes, I’ll snap a picture of the freezer and show you!

Company Rules

Everybody’s got them: the rules. But thankfully, Chuy’s keeps it simple.


Do everything that they can for their customers.


Keep things impressively clean and organized.


Have fun.

If the staff at the event are any indication (and they are, we got to meet the manager of the new Cary restaurant), there will be fun. And lots of kindness. It’ll be the type of restaurant you’ll love going to (and bringing your friends to) because the environment is positive and uplifting (and, let’s not forget, there are Margaritas too).

Community Outreach

And, if all the reasons I’ve already mentioned haven’t been enough to pique your interest about Chuy’s, let me throw in some corporate responsibility as a bonus.

Each Chuy’s location picks a local organization or charity to support. Their goal is to make a positive difference in the community they serve. (Makes sense to me.)

Inter-Faith Shuttle is ready to impact the community for good.The Cary location has decided to support the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, an organization focused on meeting the needs of hungry children and families in the area. They focus on fresh food alternatives, including education and food prep training. And this obviously aligns with Chuy’s own fresh-focused objectives.

Check out Chuy’s. If you don’t want to wait until April, go visit the one in Raleigh. They’re ready to get the party started anytime you walk in the door. And from what I here, there’s a free Nacho Bar during happy hour (M-F 4 to 7pm). Make it happen!