In my experience, working in Content Management leads to all sorts of adventures. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life, and at all levels of business. And it gives me the chance to tell all kinds of stories.

Today, Content Management led me to a wood working shop on HWY 49 in Alamance County. I was there just after 9am, and my goal was to gather in as much information as I needed to finish a website.

I was meeting with the Greeson family. These men build custom cabinets (as their father did) with a focus on craftsmanship and quality. As they told me today, what they build is meant to last. And I can only imagine that their finished products score big with the customers since practically all their business comes in via word of mouth.

But they’re not so steeped in tradition or “the way things have always been” not to see the writing on the wall and know that they need to up their game to compete in today’s market.

In general, people are talking less and searching more.

And when people search for custom built cabinets and furniture, they need to find Greeson Cabinets.

That’s why I am working with them (in collaboration with nlsnDESIGN). I am gathering in all the things they know by heart and learning their language so that I can put words to their story and make sure more of those searchers will find them.

And truly, they are among the best of people, business men, and craftsman to find!

(And they didn’t laugh too hard at me when I said I wanted to take a picture of the thing with red teeth.)