It’s really an honor to be invited to guest blog at the Triad Goodwill Rock the Runway event. I am not a huge fan of fashion (as many people can tell early on with my perpetual wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts). But I am a fan of beautiful designs, events that promote a good cause, organizations that support people improving their lives and advertising great stories.

And having the opportunity to participate in this event means that I get to revel in many, many things that I am a fan of – all in one night!

I love the fact that Triad Goodwill is offering free job training to all who would come and invest in themselves. And I look forward to sharing that fact with as many people who will listen. It offers a whole new dimension, even incentive, to choose Goodwill as the first place to get your shopping done. The retail stores are just a means to an end: giving people the resources and training they need to get back to work. And it’s all happening within our local area!

But as my connection within the organization said, it’s probably best that I not show up in jeans and a t-shirt for the event. Especially since I am sharing a VIP table with other guest bloggers who are steeped in the fashion world. It would be dishonorable to not at least try for something a little flashier than my normal go-to clothing options.

And with that in mind, I knew immediately that I would want to join in on the spirit of the event by seeing if I could find something at a local area Triad Goodwill that could be repurposed into snazzy night-out attire. And I knew I needed backup.

Fashion Back Up

Thank goodness for good friends who don’t mind crawling the racks with you!  And to be clear, once the mission was understood, there was no nonsense allowed. I was one the put to work, kept in line and managed. Options were offered to me almost faster than I could look at anything myself – and before I knew it, there was an armload of items to try on. Trying things on went quickly. My friends – my fashion consultants – were quick and confident in their judgements.

And reminded me that with the right kind of “underthings” I could most certainly make that this or that work. Not just work, I could rock it.

Oh, boy.

Let me be brutally honest: I could not have done this without their help. In fact, each dress that was ultimately purchased would not have been things that alone I would have taken off the rack, never mind tried on!

I’d love to get your opinion on the choices that are available. Check out my Facebook post and “Like” your favorite option and/or leave your feedback in the Comments.

Much thanks!