Kevn and Rand out of town. Gurl day and nite. Went shoppn. new shoesss. very prtty and sexy.

Got new br…got 2 keep em gurls up.
Wnt to HpeFest. Rain and mud and sweet all over. Nsty. Good chikn sandwitch. good gurls. lost of fun%
Colbie is man now. Edwin is the man. Dve Spencr thinks of me az Jasn Mraz. Vry cooly.
Drive hom….rush 2 gulrs nite out. OverTime in Mebne.
Nice wait. Bad pi. Yummers beer adn deer fridns. Fun 2 tie…i mean try. Noxious means came bi. bad worlds…words…bad guys.

meet futur soccr coash- nt goods. Hi Chip! On sholdr redy to heave.
Skin to Jeff serves kiss. lft out lst drink…thankful mess..thankfulness…thankful

Kisses all around…for all…with all…wnt some?
Pics lots- see face libro…album their. Got lots…lost…see Gibsovllie…Burke Man…over again. Turn around. ovr agn.

2 mush 2 drnlk
funs tuff.

wants to conutss…eberr, beer, shot, shot, mixedd up…too muchs


Hope you enjoyed that bit of dissection on the evening. Had a great time. Wish I could be so frivolous all the time. But then it wouldn’t be a novelty. Try the applesauce next time you are at Over Time in Mebane. It is a delectable, cinnamon-based treat for the senses. Stay away from the Key Lime Pie. Ask for Jeff! He is the most amazing waiter in all of Alamance County. And is more than willing to accept boisterous banter in exchange for a hefty tip.