jab’s plethora was initially created as a self-publishing platform, but success breeds attention and we’re happy to report that we’ve seen client-based projects move forward and succeed as well!


Mad Gab…

We get the coolest opportunities to build castles in the sky.
And since we offer free initial consultation meetings, we get the opportunity to do it quite often.

Here are some of the meeting outlines we’ve had recently…

Dental Assistant Training Center
We’ve got a local Dental Assistant Training Center who contacted us to talk through some of their social media campaigns. They’ve even already got someone in-charge – it was just an opportunity to indulge in a second opinion. (Ehem, we certainly don’t mind sharing our two cents and offering a little strategic assistance.)

Local Gelato Shop (Coming Soon)
There’s a new gelato shop coming to our area. We’ve been invited on a handful of occasions to share time and conversation with the owner (aka – Gelato Guru) to discuss how social media can work within his business platform. We’ve even offered recommendations on website design and development in exchange for creamy gelato samples. We’ll do anything for some yummy-goodness!

Local Knitter of Photography Props
Artisans abound in our area – but we’re going to go ahead and step out by saying there’s no one as geeky-cool as Casey Bosley of Flower Girl Designs. She’s been running a successful online campaign using Facebook and Etsy and is ready to consider building her own personal website space. We chatted about domains, hosting platforms, customizable templates, shopping cart options, ongoing blog strategy, etc…It was a good meeting.


In the Works…


Content Review for Vinyl Enthusiast Website

There’s a new social community website available specifically for LP lovers! If you love your vinyl records, this is going to be the place for you! The creator asked jab’s plethora to review the current website copy and provide edits, additions and recommendations on how to expand. He wants to make sure that anyone coming to the site has a full grasp and clear explanation of what’s going on and how they can engage!


Web Development and Online Marketing Firm Support

This particular company understands the value in contracting extra support to meet the needs of its clients in an efficient and effective manner. Contracting outside help can sometimes be risky business, but we’re proud to be a solid, high quality choice for any company looking for content consultation.

jab’s plethora offers ongoing management of social network platforms across various industries, as well as consultation on strategies to reach a wider online market.


Technology Firm Website and Social Network Management

A local technology firm was looking for a refreshed online presence and contracted jab’s plethora to help project manage website development. Hand-in-hand with Joe Wilson of August Knight, we created a customized solution with lots of engaging content.

The firm has also engaged jab’s plethora to manage a social network presence through the website’s blog, Twitter and Facebook. They believe in a proactive approach towards technology integration and that philosophy carries over into how they manage their online presence. Ideas are discussed and strategies are developed well in advance so that any changes and/or additions are thoughtfully applied to enhance their online impact.



Done and Done…


Online Community Management – July 2012

jab’s plethora helped to support a local events and social news endeavor by researching and posting updates to the active social network platforms, while the owner focused her time on research and development of the business platform.


System Testing – July 2012

Custom software systems take a lot of time and effort to plan out and develop. Putting a pair of fresh eyes on the system for walk through and testing is an important part of the process.

jab’s plethora was contracted to review a newly created system, test it within various parameters and provide a final report so that the developer could update the system with edits.


Basic User Manual Content Creation – May 2012

A local custom software developer recently contracted jab’s plethora to review and test a new inspection software system that was created for one of his clients, and to write a basic user’s manual.


The Lycan Chronicles – January 2012

We helped fellow local author, Brandon T. Vaughn, on his first writing project: The Lycan Chronicles. And we’ve stepped in on a series of different things: a little help editing Samuel, Volume 1, some recommendations on appropriate social network platforms, ideas on how to market his story and expand his platforms, and just the tiniest bit of information on self-publishing platforms.