jab’s plethora writes blog content to fulfill a one-post-per-month contract with Dental Assistants Training Centers, Inc. located in Graham, NC.

This month, I decided to focus on building on the characteristic of Professionalism that is a foundational part of the 12 Session Program.


DATC Highlights Professionalism – Both in Class and in Life

In our last blog, we spoke directly to our DATC students regarding what it means to be an Ambassador for the DATC Program; and we think it is important to reiterate how important a role professionalism plays in the DATC syllabus.

It’s true that the Dental Assistant Training Centers, Inc. located in Graham, NC is churning out highly skilled DA I’s each time a Session graduates, but did you also know that a big part of the training focuses on how to be professional both specifically within the dental industry and in all areas of life?

A highly skilled dental assistant is a vital member of the dental health care team. Dental assisting is a career that requires dedication, personal responsibility, integrity and a commitment to continuing education.


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