If you follow me on social media at all, you know that I’ve been all cheers for Press Coffee+Crêpes – and if you haven’t been, you’re missing out.

Located in downtown Graham (just down from the cinema) and with plenty of parking – and extended hours (7am-8am M-F; 9am-5pm Sa-Su), it’s a great little spot, very easy to access.

Even if you aren’t sure about the crepe situation, you should go. Crepes are extremely versatile and can be both savory and sweet. Press has a lot of options available on the menu, so you can find something to fit your pallet. Come with a friend, get one savory and one sweet and plan to share. And yes, sharing is a good call, because the crepes are extremely generous in size!

The video below features a Sweet Granny crepe – Granny Smith apples, house­-made caramel (which is #yummygoodness), and powdered sugar.

I’ve had…well…MANY of the crepe options (not all…not yet), and not a one has let me down, or left me unsatisfied. Even the kid – who you well know has a touchy relationship with food – has been super-excited about having a crepe option so close to home. And believe it or not, he was a HUGE fan of the Bacon, Egg and Cheese crepe. I wasn’t too sure how he’d feel about the savory options, but he’s already told me that he wants to try the Chick & the Pig next.

Check out the menu here.

Not a coffee fan? (What?!) Press has you covered with several other drink options as well.

The owners have considered all the details, down to flannel blankets to borrow in case you want to sit outside on a chilly day.

Take a date, a group of friends, or schedule a work meeting. It’ll all fit at Press.

Let me know if you stop by and what you think.  Better yet, just let me know you’re going, and the kid and I will meet you there!